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            Save the Children

            @ VOL 13 ON SEP 05, 2013

            A strong believer in the idea that action matters is Venezuelean lawyer Ronald Thomas Graterol. He talks about the importance of improving conditions for children all over the world, and how you can contribute with your time through volunteer work for Save the Children.

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            From Grim to Grins

            @ VOL 13 ON SEP 05, 2013

            Eric Adjetey Anang, a carpenter and artist, exhibits his coffin work all over the world. Yes, you read that correctly -- coffins -- but his are made as artistic references either to who the person as they lived or to his/her spirit animal. Humour, colorfulness, playfulness and political statements are often the subject matter here. Eric questions the necessity of leaving life only in sorrow, and encourages the celebration of a full life.

            Thumb bong 20delfin.001

            Occupying Utopia

            BY BONG DELFIN
            @ VOL 13 ON SEP 05, 2013

            Painter and au pair Bong Delfin currently lives in Kerteminde Fyn, where he has been elected as artist of the year. Bong takes us through his poetic, imaginary painting universe that contains strong statements and insightful commentary on societal issues.

            Thumb lars 20pank.008

            Storby Story

            BY LARS PANK
            @ VOL 13 ON SEP 05, 2013

            Aalborg's visionary street artist and graphic illustrator, Lars Pank, takes you on a journey into his imaginative universe. Lars talks about his latest art projects, inspiration, and experiences working together with other artists.

            "Presentation of the Day" on September 4, 2014.

            Thumb troels 20knudsen.050

            Distributing Organic Vegetables

            @ VOL 14 ON SEP 20, 2013

            During the day Troels Knudsen studies politics and administration at Aalborg University. As a volunteer he is one of the main forces of Aalborg Fødevareselskab where they distribute local organic vegetables. (In Danish)


            Thumb michael 20lauring.017

            Energy-efficient Architecture

            @ VOL 14 ON SEP 20, 2013

            Michael Lauring is as Associate Professor at Aalborg University's Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology. Michael tells us about the ideas that his architecture students have for energy-efficient designs. He also shows us a shopping center that his students made for the sustainability festival. (In Danish)


            Thumb esben 20holm.045

            The Making of an Energy-efficient Car

            BY ESBEN HOLM
            @ VOL 14 ON SEP 20, 2013

            In the future there will be more of us and we will be driving more. The transportation industry is the biggest energy consumer. Esben Holm and his team work towards reducing this energy consumption by creating a very energy-efficient car.

            Thumb bo 20nicolaisen.001

            Platform 4's Partnerships

            BY BO NICOLAISEN
            @ VOL 12 ON APR 10, 2013

            Bo Nicolaisen is the new manager of a hackspace for art-technolgy – experimenting project place - Platform 4 in Aalborg. Here he talks about a cooperative project between Platform 4 in Aalborg, Animationworkshop in Viborg and Talentfabrikken (the Talentfactory) in Filmbyen  (the movietown) - in Århus. They help each other with mentor arrangements, workspaces, accomodation, transport, and workshops for mutual projects.

            Thumb jens 20frederik 20dalsgaard 20nielsen 20.018

            Satellite Builders

            @ VOL 12 ON APR 10, 2013

            Jens Dalsgaard, a professor at Aalborg University, is a passionate researcher and teacher. He believes in learning not only through theory but also through playing and hands-on building as important building-blocks of education. This presentation is based on the experience of how he made a satellite for surveying ships at sea near Greenland with engineering students at Aalborg University.

            Thumb jens 20frederik 20dalsgaard 20nielsen 20.001

            Satelite “Supervision of shipping AAUSAT3"

            @ VOL 12 ON APR 10, 2013

            Jens Dalsgaard Prof. Sat lab AAU professor at Aalborg University is a passionate researcher and teacher at Aalborg University. He believes in learning through not only theory but also through playing and building – hands on as important buildingstones of education. The presentation is based on the experience how to make a satellite surveying ships at sea near Greenland with engineerstudents at Aalborg University.

            Thumb ar pechakucha2013.001

            Augmented Reality

            BY SANDRO MASAI
            @ VOL 12 ON APR 10, 2013

            Sandro Masai graduated from Aalborg University Art & Technology in 2012, and has worked as an artist, dancer, performer and choreographer. As part of a larger art project, BUNKERLOVE, on the sandy Danish westcoast beaches he’s working with augmented reality, so people in the audience can use their smart or iphones to be part of the project with their own ideas and share them with others. 

            Thumb billede 2014

            Defining Intuition

            @ VOL 12 ON APR 10, 2013

            Ellen Raunsmed is a Ph.d. student at the Aalborg University AAU Center of Intuition. She tries to define intuition scientifically, mainly from a philosophical standpoint, and tells about her experiences, her workshops, her research, and a book she has published on the subject of intuition. (in Danish)

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