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            BY LEO VAN DER VEEN
            @ VOL 6 ON FEB 02, 2012

            Leo van der Veen leads you through his way of thinking, in this case, by showing how he created a barrel organ by using an old church organ that has been rammed with an iron in order to rotate it -- and it still makes great music. Do you know how groceries sound? Your daily yoghurt? A pack of cereal? Peanut butter? Each barcode can be scanned with Leo's tool, to then reveal its own voice. (in Dutch)

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            Dutch Design

            BY BEN VAN DER STEEN
            @ VOL 6 ON FEB 02, 2012

            Ben is CEO of Geesa, a Dutch company that has produced bathroom and toilet products since 1885, and in this presentation he tells the story of how he joined the company. A passion for design is what drives Ben, and his journey lead to a line of products by Dutch design superstar Marcel Wanders. (in Dutch)

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            Freedom of Creation

            BY JANNE KYTT?NEN
            @ VOL 1 ON APR 01, 2010

            About his believe in a future where data is the design product, and where products are distributed in the same way images and music travel through the internet today. And how simple it works; 1. Just make a 3D file 2. Email the file to a 3D printer 3. ready product. It is that simple !
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            Buyer personas

            BY JAN HENK BOUMAN
            @ VOL 1 ON APR 01, 2010

            about The Marketing-fairytale
            Thumb 3 1503e2a61862deca9cb1411d395ba1387b2d56e6d6e6

            I made it Sell - Marketing Design

            @ VOL 1 ON APR 01, 2010

            About his multidisciplinary brand; making a magazine, creating a website, being a publisher, running a shop ... Do it all, and have fun!

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