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            Systemic learning in nature

            BY ROLF JUCKER
            @ VOL 22 ON MAR 01, 2016

            Rolf Jucker - We as humans are part of a bigger system. We play a role but how come we have forgotten that? Systemic learning is learning in nature where the learners gets a bigger understanding of the system we are a part of.

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            Permaculture - cycles in nature

            BY CORINA SIMON
            @ VOL 22 ON MAR 01, 2016

            Corina Simon - It is the time of the year where we start to put seed into the ground so we can harvest that in a few months. Could we do that in a more conscious way, and in a way where we understand that everything is connected?

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            13 steps to get friends

            BY CEDRIC ZAUGG
            @ VOL 22 ON MAR 01, 2016

            Cedric Zaugg Once read an interesting, old book. So interesting that he wants to talk about it - because it is still relevant, he thinks. And it is. Old and gold.

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            Spreading good vibes

            BY ANA METZ CASTAN
            @ VOL 21 ON NOV 18, 2015

            Speaker Ana Metz Castan is the founder of a Brazilian blog called Uma Boa Dose. Everyday the blog serve you a dose of something good. She beleives in good doses will change your to have more positivity and appreciative life. Through their online content they want to create offline actions.


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