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            Art in the Biogenetic Age

            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 13, 2017

            Laurie Ramsell talks about his sculptural work and the creation of a 'Pseudo-Siren' from bacterial cellulose and human hair, currently being exhibited at Birmingham Open Media. How can art lean from scientific research, and perhaps vice versa?

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            Land + Territory

            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 13, 2017

            Ana Cordeiro Reis presents a visual journey based on photographs she took in her home land of Tras-os-Montes (Northeast Portugal). Her narrative is accompanied by a soundscape, also produced by Ana. 

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            BY LYNN DENNISON
            IN BIRMINGHAM

            Lynn Dennison shows some of her collage and installation work on the subject of Land and Water. She talks about some of her ideas and working methods and her current project at the University of Birmingham.

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            Keep Swimming Moseley Road Baths

            BY KAT PEARSON
            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 13, 2017

            Kat Pearson is a member of Moseley Road Baths Action Group who are trying to make sure that the current owners (Birmingham City Council) not only look after the building, but also keep the pool open. The title comes from their recent social media campaign which encouraged people to #keepswimmingmrb!

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            Art in the Biogenetic Age

            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 13, 2017

            Laurie Ramsell talks about his sculptural work and the creation of a 'Pseudo-Siren' from bacterial cellulose and human hair, which featured at the Birmingham Open Media - 'Genecraft: Art in the Biogenetic Age'.

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            The Many Shapes of Earth

            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 13, 2017

            Alexandre Coates talks about how we think about the Earth, mainly about what shape it is, from a flat earth (and flat-earth societies) to a sphere. The surface of a sphere simply cannot be rolled out on a 2D surface, so maps must always choose something to keep, and something to get rid of. So what does map-earth look like?

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            Water, Drugs and Human Guinea Pigs

            BY ALEX CONNER
            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 13, 2017

            Alex Conner talks about his role as a scientist, all his mistakes on the way and how water going into our brains keeps us alive but can easily kill us.

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            In Sync: Music and Movement

            BY JULIA GILBERT
            @ VOL 14 ON MAY 18, 2016

            Julia Gilbert is a big fan of dance and music and spoke about the inextricable links between them, along with exciting examples of emerging technology that is enabling the creation of music through movement. Here’s some links to the people and tools she talked about


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            Where Dance, Music and Architecture meet

            @ VOL 14 ON MAY 18, 2016

            Saranjit Birdi is an architect and a dancer with a desire to find a synthesis between these practices. He’ll present his artistic journey so far from the underground jazz-fusion clubs of the 70s to his studio in Digbeth and how the creative spirit of Birmingham’s dancers has influenced him.

            Website | Vimeo | YouTube

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            Hidden Spaces

            BY JACK TASKER
            @ VOL 14 ON MAY 18, 2016

            Jack Tasker has always been fascinated by hair-brained schemes. His talk, Hustle 101 – how to turn empty buildings into something cool, will tell the story of how he (with help) set up the very popular Birmingham’s Hidden Spaces, featuring the building we’re in tonight!

            Website | Twitter | Facebook | IG

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            Dance as an Agent for Social Change

            BY JOHNNY AUTIN
            @ VOL 14 ON MAY 18, 2016

            Johnny Autin is an international dance artist and the creative director of Autin Dance Theatre. He’s talking about his choreographic work with professional performers and young dancers with the Man Made Youth Company and his emphasis on dance and physical theatre as agents for social change.

            Website | Twitter | Facebook | Vimeo | IG |

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            Roots of Rhythm

            @ VOL 14 ON MAY 18, 2016

            Thomas OFlaherty is a creative dancer, teacher and entrepreneur who will tell the story of his British Caribbean artistic expression and how it connects to the roots of dance and rhythm from the African diaspora.

            Website | Facebook

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