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            Enjoy a range of lightining presentations in the inimitable PechaKucha style! 

            PechaKucha (or chitchat in Japanese) is a creative style of presenting that was started by two architects in Tokyo in 2003 as way for young creatives to show their work and network. Since then the concept has grown and PechaKucha talks now run in over 1100 cities around the world bringing together people from all creative backgrounds.

            PechaKucha Cambridge has featured a wide range of speakers from many different disciplines including science, art, design, photography, fashion, architecture, mental health, sport and more.

            If you'd like to know more about presenting at a PechaKucha night, please get in touch! 

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            Charlotte Steggall

            Higher Education Champion, Take Your Place in Cambridge

            When Charlotte Steggall talks to young people about the schools programme Take Your Place, helping young people with little or no experience of university explore the world of higher education, the topic that always comes up is money. The barriers that stop people talking about money, the stigmas and judgements, are things that Charlotte is helping to get rid of. Encouraging young people to be open about money helps them to be more confident about making financial decisions and explore their options. 

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            Can Tourism be Sustainable?

            @ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

            The Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic Games 2020 spurred Chris Loughan into investigating how tourism can become more sustainable. His efforts have met with mixed responses but with more and more tourist attractions trying to balance the economic and environmental effects of increasing numbers of tourists, Chris's guide to sustainable tourism is slowly gaining attention. 

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            Sueno Verde - an Eco Friendly Community

            BY FAY DURRANT
            @ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

            Fay Durrant had a dream to buy a piece of land in Spain and build an eco-friendly community.  It didn't work out quite the way she thought it would but after a pause to re-group and gather more resources, she has started again and with bands of volunteers and supporters is re-building her dream. 

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            Ten Reasons Why Shoes are like Men

            BY SARAH DECENT
            @ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

            As the owner of two shoe shops, Sarah Decent takes a keen interest in the way women shop for shoes. She has also been married three times and drawn some startling and often hilarious comparisons between shoes and men. This presentation lists ten of them - there may be more! 

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            Making People Feel Comfortable

            BY JOHN MONKS
            @ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

            John Monks has spent much of his life and career helping people who feel that they don't fit in to be more comfortable with who they are. In this presentation he shares some of the techniques he uses and the results that they have. 

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            Dream Author

            BY SOPHIE HANNAH
            @ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

            Sophie Hannah is best known as a crime writer and was invited by the Agatha Christie family to continue the Poirot series. She has recently started a coaching prgramme for authors and here she explains why she was motivated to do that and what is involved in the programme. 

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            Hello Tiger!

            BY MARTYN SIBLEY
            @ VOL 19 ON MAR 20, 2019

            Martyn Sibley is a regular guy who happens to have a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). This means he cannot walk, lift anything heavier than a book or shower himself. He runs Disability Horizons, is the author of 'Everything is Possible', has a Degree in Economics & a Masters in Marketing. In this fun packed presentation, Martyn shares his love of adventure and his travels around the world.  

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            My Child's Different

            @ VOL 19 ON MAR 20, 2019

            Elaine Halligan is the London Director of The Parent Practice. In this presentation she shares the lessons learned from her struggle to unlock her son’s potential and explores the enabling role that parents can play in getting the best out of children who are seen as ‘different’ or ‘difficult’. The notion that our children may be shunned for being ‘different’ breaks our hearts, but there is plenty we can do to help such children develop into thriving, resilient adults. 

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            Dinky Doors Save the World

            BY DINKY DOORS
            @ VOL 19 ON MAR 20, 2019

            Dinky Doors is a street art initiative from guerilla artists in Cambridge, UK. They unexpectedly found themselves on an unexpected mission to *SAVE THE WORLD*. Unexpectedly.

            They're an antidote to the seemingly endless terrible news that we’re inundated with on a daily basis. To deliver wonder as you wander through the medium of… er… dinky little doors.

            In this presentation you will discover how dinky things deliver unexpected dollops of delight that can defend against the daily onslaught of miserable miserableness. And together we can *SAVE THE WORLD*.


            CAMBRIDGE Blog

            Making people feel comfortable by John Monks

            Taking inspiration from Barack Obama

            My first PechaKucha talk came about a few weeks ago when Ann Hawkins came into CambridgeSpace and are told me that somebody had nominated me to do a PechaKucha talk. As it turned out, I’d been thinking about doing one for a little while but I've always had a reason not to do it this time so this was the perfect nudge to get me going.
            Ann has an amazing network of people around Cambridge lots of them are my friends so I've always trusted everything that she does. It was a real joy to be asked.
            Once I’d got past the point of committing to do the PechaKucha, the challenge was to find the topic I wanted to talk about. I decided to talk about how to make people feel comfortable. I realised that a lot of my work over the years has been about getting people in a position where there are able to do things they wouldn't usually do; putting them at ease and creating a sense of psychological safety. The presentation was a combination of my own story, what I learnt from my family, from projects I’ve worked on and from people I work with. I added to that the reasons why it’s important to make people comfortable and finally I really wanted to give people some tips that they could use immediately to put people at ease.
            With the topic chosen it was now time to find some photos in many ways this was one of the hardest parts of the whole process. I was easily able to find some of them but one thing that struck me was how hard it is to find analogue photos! ?With that done I sat down and created my narrative. I had decided to use the Story of Me, Story of Us, Story of Now format famously used by Barack Obama so that came easily to me. After that it was just a case of practising.

            Putting it together at the last minute

            The whole experience was brilliant - and it gave me a reminder of a part of my own character - procrastination: even though Ann must have asked me to do the PechaKucha three months ago it took me until almost the last minute to actually sit down and do lots of the work. Something had been holding me back. I have no idea what, but it's something that happens to me again and again. Nonetheless, in the end I was ready - just a couple of days late.
            On the night it was brilliant! Despite having presented hundreds of times I felt physically nervous; I could feel the adrenaline and cortisol in my bloodstream. I know happens and it's something I actually quite enjoy. Once I stand up those feelings go away and I'm really in my element. PechaKucha was a great experience from start to finish - everyone should have a go sometime!
            See John's presentation "Making People Feel Comfortable"?

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            About the City's Organizers

            • Ann Hawkins

              I am an egalitarian. Blues music makes me happy. I dislike ritual, bureaucracy and received wisdom. I'm described as helpful and patient. Rarely as 'nice'. I am a self-sufficient, anti-social, confident, introvert. I'm a writer and business mentor.

            • Anne-Marie Miller

              Mum. Graphic designer and illustrator. Partner in Carbon Orange Graphic Design Studio. Resident of Cambridge since 1992. Tea addict.

            • Ann Hawkins

              I am an egalitarian and blues music makes me happy. I dislike ritual,?bureaucracy and received wisdom. I'm described as helpful and patient. Rarely as 'nice'. I am a self-sufficient, anti-social, confident, introvert. I'm a writer and business mentor.

            • Justin Crane

              Cambridge resident with over 20 years experience providing full-service conception, logistics, management & marketing for the events industry with his agency, The Crane Event. Failed rockstar, successful dreamer, forever optimist. Plays well with others.

            • Berenice Smith

              I have been a designer for most of my working life, with a postgraduate degree in graphic design and typography. I have a design practice and also work on fused and stained glass. I live in Cambridge and I'm owned by my rescue dog, Molly. I am passionate about using design to solve problems using common sense and a user friendly approach.

            • Lucinda Price

              Experienced Freelance Photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the photography industry. Skilled in Family , Wedding, Portrait and Newborn Photography.

            • Simon Hagan

              I've worked as a cameraman, editor, writer and director, travelling far and wide and meeting and working with interesting people - from bank robbers to government ministers, from refugees to people off the telly...

            • Karen Arnott

              Creative director and graphic designer. Interested in all things design, yoga, food, mental well-being and travel.

            • Louise Lee

              LOVE: Dogging (dog walking), grinding spices and cooking curries, photography for fun, gardening. Fan of GQT and IFTT. DISLIKE: Public speaking, except when others are doing it.

            • Rachel Extance

              I am a communications specialist and an award-winning journalist with 15 years experience in print, digital and social media. I’ve worked on lots of great stories, often getting the front page. I’ve covered a range of topics from social issues and regeneration of towns and cities to national and European elections. One of my proudest achievements was a campaign which won free bus travel for thousands of people. I have a wide range of interviewing experience including cabinet ministers, business leaders and celebrities.


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