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            BY GASPARD NOEL
            @ VOL 25 ON JUN 13, 2019

            Gaspard Noël made his first self portrait at 12, he has never stopped since. He will tell you a little about the history of this permanent collision between life, art and work.

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            Comment ?a vrac ?

            BY KARIM BARA
            @ VOL 25 ON JUN 13, 2019

            In a world increasingly bland, sad and bitter, two friends: one graphic designer, the other carpenter, have recently been transformed into grocers justiciers!
            They present a concept old as the world they put back to the updated.

            Thumb fatushudelist.claire 01

            L'univers de Cally

            @ VOL 25 ON JUN 13, 2019

            Cally is an illustrator graphic designer inspired by nature, wildlife and flora, but also by music and travel. She presents some of her illustrative projects.

            Thumb borrens.mariecoup 20de 20pousse 01

            Projet Coup de Pousse (zéro déchets)

            BY MARIE BORRENS
            @ VOL 25 ON JUN 13, 2019

            Marie Borrens , representative of the Association Coup de Pousse, presents the booklet "52 weeks to change my habits, a week, an action", the goal being to change his habits for his well-being, and by domino effect, to make good to the planet.

            Thumb artorchis 01


            BY VINCENT KRA
            @ VOL 25 ON JUN 13, 2019

            Martine PLUCHON, Potter-Ceramist, Sculptress on Torchis,
            and Vincent KRA, Archi-Sculptor on Torchis, nourish with
            love, projects open to all and all lands of Expressions and Practices of Excellence dedicated to Artistic Torchis .
            Reconnect "Nature and Culture" by following their adventure!

            Thumb feys 20nora 2001

            En quête de sens et de sensible

            BY NORA FEYS
            @ VOL 25 ON JUN 13, 2019

            Nora Feys , young passionate creator of art and poetry, talks about her artistic project and her space dedicated to meetings around her world.

            Thumb bouquet.audrey 01

            La permaculture

            @ VOL 25 ON JUN 13, 2019

            Audrey Bouquet , organic gardener in the making, presents the philosophy of life that makes it vibrate: permaculture.

            Thumb karaokay 20  2001

            KaraOkay Live

            @ VOL 24 ON FEB 07, 2019

            Amandine and Aurélien give you Karaokay Live, a lyrical and fantastic epic, launched two years ago for the happiness of all those who like to interpret their favorite songs freely in front of a dumbfounded audience.

            Thumb s e2 80 9abastien faszczowy 01

            Luthier sauvage

            @ VOL 24 ON FEB 07, 2019

            Sébastien is an intervening musician and wild luthier, he runs workshops of musical practice and uses original instruments that he manufactures since 3 years from materials of recovery and diversion of objects.

            Thumb carbon 20pierre 2001

            Architectes du patrimoine

            @ VOL 24 ON FEB 07, 2019

            Comme Guy DEGRENNE imaginait des fourchettes ou des cuillères, petit il gribouillait les marges de ses cahiers, de dessins de plans, de volumes ou d’aménagement intérieur.

            Mais (et seuls les plus de 40 ans s’en souviendront), ce n’est pas comme cela qu’on réussit dans la vie.

            Une prof de maths l’a pourtant poussé à entreprendre des études d’architecte.

            Mais en est-il vraiment un ?  

            Thumb vanyda 01

            La BD de Vanyda

            @ VOL 24 ON FEB 07, 2019

            Her job: cartoonist

            His passion: comics (and capoeira)

            Thumb dewaele.fred 01


            BY FRED DEWAELE
            @ VOL 24 ON FEB 07, 2019

            Les visuels présentés font partie d'une de mes récentes séries : ÉCRATURES.

            Et non, ce n'est pas une faute de frappe ni un lapsus mais le mélange des mots ÉCRITURES & RATURES.

            VIEW MORE

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