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            Learning to Speak: Poetry as Pursuit of Truth

            @ VOL 20 ON DEC 01, 2015

            "This poem is an ode to every hard-working artist who knows the joy of struggle from which their art comes."

            In Learning to Speak: Poetry as Pursuit of Truth from PechaKucha Night San Antonio Vol. 20, poet laureate, Laurie Ann Guerrero looks back at her ancestors’ history of labor and struggle as art, a legacy of poets, musicians, and painters whose artistry was a way to map and ultimately transcend the world. Art, she says, is a pursuit of truth. It was her ancestor’s many generations of that pursuit that ultimately gave her the privilege and position of being asked to make art: the maker, not the object. Through poetry, Guerrero invites us to share in that space of openness, vulnerability and ultimately grace.

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            The State of Music Criticism

            @ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

            "Don't listen to music critics. Listen to music."

            Writer and musician Travis Buffkin worships at the Church of Nelson-Dylan-Simone of The-Not-So-Disparate-Trinity in this irreverent, wild and thoughtful look at life, music, and the hierarchy of taste. 

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            Tattoos: A Career and a Calling

            BY KELLY EDWARDS
            @ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

            Kelly Edwards dives into the life of a tattooer—the artistry, the culture and the commitment.

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            Life Behind the Bar

            @ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

            Elisabeth Forsythe is a bar director who knows her craft and her audience.

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            This is Phillip Luna.

            BY PHILLIP LUNA
            @ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

            Phillip Luna turns his presentation into performance art in an intimate, honest and candid talk on self and love. 

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            Innovation Meets Craft in Brooke Smith's Kitchen

            BY BROOKE SMITH
            @ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

            Chef Brooke Smith talks about her culinary education as a stagiaire and the world of cured meats, experimentation and mentorship in San Antonio’s restaurant industry.

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            Rethinking the Role of the Orchestra

            BY TROY PETERS
            @ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

            "You have to forge meaningful connections with the communities you are in. Ultimately...we want everything we do to matter to people in this town."
            In Rethinking the Role of the Orchestra from PechaKucha Night San Antonio Vol. 21, Conductor Troy Peters poses the question, "How does one know a good orchestra?" He thinks your neighborhood policeman just might know the answer.

            This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 21st, 2017. 
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            A Lifetime of Curation

            BY DAVID S. RUBIN
            @ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

            Curator David Rubin uncovers the philosophy behind his career of creating art-driven experiences. 

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            Jazz, Soul and Burgers

            BY CHRIS CULLUM
            @ VOL 21 ON FEB 23, 2016

            Chris Cullum, owner of Tucker’s Kozy Korner, Attaboy Burgers and Attagirl, talks growing up in jazz clubs, skating, and burgers. 

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            Becoming a Musician: From Mexico’s Silver Mines to the Clubs of San Antonio

            BY JOE REYES
            @ VOL 19 ON AUG 25, 2015

            Joe Reyes owes his work ethic to his family and the discipline they instilled in him. The promise of work in Mexico’s silver mines attracted his great grandfather’s family, but the Mexican Revolution sent his family fleeing north to Texas. His early exposure to music came in the form of folkloric Mexican music, but it was “Los Beatles” that struck a chord. Joe Reyes’ presentation shares his musical journey that included different acts, international tours and even a Grammy win and a Latin Grammy nomination. 

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            Damn the Torpedoes: A Life in Service to Art

            BY PAULA OWEN
            @ VOL 19 ON AUG 25, 2015

            Paula Owen believes artists are essential in a healthy society — agents of social change able to articulate bold, complicated and important ideas. That passion has driven her to take great calculated risks in her life and career, and to great effect: She overcame childhood polio and helped raise her siblings after her mother was left disabled by the disease. She went on an archaeological dig during a military coup in Panama. She graduated college at a time when 70% of women did not work outside the home. That determination contributed to her successful leadership of the Southwest School of Art, where she serves her ultimate goal of fostering artists in the Southwest.

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            Twice Conquered, Twice Victorious: Mexican-American Author on Inspiration, Resilience and Art

            @ VOL 19 ON AUG 25, 2015

            Yvette Benavides recalls the fire that threatened to claim Our Lady of the Lake University’s very existence, how the community rallied to rebuild, and how literary trailblazer Sandra Cisneros offered to be its writer-in-residence at no fee. From there, the author and college professor takes us through her own literary coming of age, how her multicultural and bilingual upbringing shaped her art, and how she sets out to reach the diverse future scholars in her classroom. With original illustrations by Hector Garza.


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