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            BY KARIN SOUKUP
            @ VOL 10 ON SEP 27, 2012

            Designer Karin Soukup introduces her interactive app designed for people whose lives have been affected by cancer. Based on a complex wheel of emotions developed through research and beta feedback, she aims to create a social app that uses a system of binary emotional descriptions to allow users to express themselves and provide support for each other.

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            Experiencing Artsweek

            @ VOL 8 ON JAN 26, 2012

            Robert Fishbone had an amazing experience taking part in Artsweek -- like learning how Bobby McFerrin does his vocal gymnastics -- and in this lively presentation, you'll get to experience part of it too. (in English)

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            Hitchhiking for Sanity

            @ VOL 6 ON APR 21, 2011

            Hitchhiking is not for everyone, but some people love it, and if that's you, then this is the presentation for you -- or it may entice you to give it a try. Myles Dickason is an avid hitchhiker, and he shares some of his adventures, and talks about some of the people he's met.

            "Presentation of the Day" on February 2, 2013.


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