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            Past Vientiane Event: VOL 4

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            VOL 4

            September 15, 2016
            @ Timeline Cafe
            After a little rest and relaxation over the summer, PechaKucha Night Vientiane is back and rearing to go!
            Join us for our next event (Vol. 4!) on Thursday, September 15 from 6pm at Timeline Cafe in Ban Phonsinuan (upstairs from ME Shop near the Thai Consulate - note, you'll need to climb the stairs infront of ME Shop to access the venue). 
            Entry is 20,000 kip at the door, and Timeline will have drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) available for purchase, along with food available for purchase. 
            Join us for a fun and informal evening as we listen to ideas, stories, journeys and much more, as told by 10 of our city's creative, innovative and talented residents in the PechaKucha 20x20 format - showing 20 images, each for 20 seconds.
            Many thanks to Timeline Cafe for hosting us, TOH LAO Coworking Space & Services for technical support, and designer Manilla Chounlamountri for our awesome poster!
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            A Theatrical Life - Telling Stories

            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            "Understanding theatre helps us to understand what it means to be human."

            In A Theatrical Life - Telling Stories at PechaKucha Night Vientiane Vol. 4Thiane Khamvongsa, a Laotian playwright, director and comedian who grew up and studied in France talks about the importance of theater throughout human history and how it can positively influence our lives. 

            This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, February 9th, 2017.

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            Woman Hold Up Half the Sky

            BY TERESA FOARD
            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Teresa Foard presents a selection of images of strong female role models, past and present, from around the world. She grew up around strong female role models both in her family and in the society around her, and is inspired by these examples of strong women.

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            An Artist's Encounter with Lacquer

            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Lacquer is an ancient art that is the subject of Marie-Do Hyman-Boneu's presentation. She is a French artist who has been working with vegetal lacquer since 2001, when she travelled overland from Europe to Hanoi in Vietnam. What exactly is lacquer and how does she use it in her personal creative process? Marie Do shares her practice with us in ‘An artist's encounter with lacquer.’

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            Eating, Drinking and Anonymous Blogging in Vientiane

            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Lilani Goonesena is the blogger behind Eat Drink Laos, who is also a freelance writer and web designer. She is the nosy person who asks endless questions and shamelessly snaps photos in restaurants and at street food stalls around Vientiane. Lilani gives us a peek into the scrumptious world of food blogging in Vientiane.

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            All of the Above: A no regrets approach to terminal cancer

            BY GA RICK LEE
            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Ga Rick Lee shares the story of his father’s terminal brain cancer, and what happened when his family took the diagnosis into their own hands. The story is a deeply moving account about courage, perseverence, and most of all, love. 

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            Celebrating Differences

            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Bernard Franck offers the perspectives of the people living with impairment whom he has met over the years in his work. They are each unique, and their photos are a testament to their struggles and also our common humanity. He urges us to take a step into their life, to experience life as they may experience it. 

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            Becoming Lao′s Clay Animator

            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Souliya Phoumivong's presentation is about becoming the first Lao artist to make a stop motion animation, "The first animation that I made was a figure of myself with a buffalo – one boy and one buffalo. No studio. I used the city as the studio and placed them around the city". He is the director of Clay House Studio, dedicated to developing clay animation in Laos. 

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            Tea in Laos: Tasting the Landscape

            BY ANNA MARIA
            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Anna-Maria is an architect-turned-tea-lover who started travelling Laos’ tea growing provinces with her husband and their two motorbikes, in search of open-minded producers and the tastiest leaves the magnificent landscapes have to offer. Under the name of ‘Kinnari Tea of Laos’ she is about to open a small shop-cum-tea house in downtown Vientiane. She talks about her journey in search of tea in Laos.

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            Happiness is drawing on the Mekong riversides

            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Born in 1911 in Port Said or in 1919 in Nantucket, Bruno le Matelot probably the illegitimate son of an officer in the German Navy and of a Swiss governess of the "Blue Line". He joined the International Brigades in 1936 in Spain, more by taste of the action and romance than by political conviction, but without even finish the naval school. Biographers lose his track during the world war to find back it in the 50s on a US base in Michigan alongside Hazel Ying Lee. He now lives in an ashram in South Asia where he is treated for severe personality disorders, but where he still paints untiringly the infinite beauty of the Mekong's riversides.

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            Where are you from?

            BY EMILY KOO
            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Emily Koo grew up in the southern-most tip of Texas, bordering Mexico, is a local of Providence, Rhode Island, and -- yes, yes -- she is also half Chinese.

            In her first PechaKucha, she will tussle with her identity and first impressions in her presentation titled: "Where are you from?"

            Bernard Franck
            in Vientiane
            Marie Do Hyman-Boneu
            Lacquer Artist, Self employed in Vientiane
            Lilani Goonesena
            Writer in Vientiane
            Thiane Khamvongsa
            Theater director, Self-employed in Vientiane
            Ga Rick Lee
            in Vientiane
            Emily Koo
            in Vientiane
            Teresa Foard
            Teacher in Vientiane
            Bruno le Matelot
            in Vientiane
            Anna Maria
            in Vientiane

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