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            Past Vientiane Event: VOL 8

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            VOL 8

            March 29, 2018
            @ League of Brewers

            PechaKucha Volume 8#. Our hosts for this event will be The League of Brewers, Khun Bu Lom Road, Vientiane.

             Our theme is:


            Random and informal.

            A chance encounter, with a person, a country, an idea; can change, how we think, who we are.

            Ongoing encounters with people and places; can inspire what we do, how we live.

            We know our presenters will surprise and delight us with the "encounters" they have experienced, thought, met or looked for in their lives . 

            The diversity of our presenters is a reflection of the intercultural life in Vientiane. We value their willingness to share with us during Petchkucha events in our city.

            We thank Jamie Lowe for the great poster he created .

            Ruth Foster
            in Vientiane
            Marie Do Hyman-Boneu
            Lacquer Artist, Self employed in Vientiane
            Sanghyun Jung
            in Vientiane
            Anna Forsén
            in Vientiane
            Martin Rathie
            in Vientiane
            Kelvin Wee
            Marketing Communications Manager, BlueGrass Design Group in Vientiane
            Steven Cleary
            in Vientiane

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