Past Cambridge Event: VOL 18

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            Pain and Inspiration

            BY ABI STEVENS
            @ VOL 18 ON JAN 16, 2019

            Abi Stevens is a freelance illustrator who also suffers from chronic migraines that affect all of her senses. She talks about the influences for her stunning art work and also about a series of very personal illustrations depicting the pain of her migraines.  

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            The Value of Visuals

            @ VOL 18 ON JAN 16, 2019

            Anne-Marie Miller shows how visual notes can be used for creative problem-solving, translating conversations in real-time for conferences, meetings and workshops on a large scale (Graphic recording) or small scale (Sketchnoting) and how these become valuable by sharing and getting people engaged. 

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            Empty Your Head

            BY DAVID GRIFFIN
            @ VOL 18 ON JAN 16, 2019

            David Griffin explains how to avoid feeling overwhelmed and get more done by getting things out of our heads and making action lists that really work. 

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            Home - My Life on the Move

            BY JULIET LENNON
            @ VOL 18 ON JAN 16, 2019

            Juliet Lennon lived in many different countries as a child, moving around the world with her family, and then on her own, making new friends and finding ways to fit in, but wherever her family was, that's the place she called home. 

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            Miss Grizzly and the Bees - a way of dealing with anxiety

            BY KAREN ARNOTT
            @ VOL 18 ON JAN 16, 2019

            Karen Arnott has been dealing with anxiety since she was a child. In this delightful hand drawn presentation she describes how she copes and successfully manages her life, family, and business, and still has fun. 

            Anne-Marie Miller
            Graphic Designer, Carbon Orange in Cambridge
            David Griffin
            Engineer, 42 Technology Ltd in St Ives
            Abi Stevens
            Illustrator, Freelance in Cambridge
            Karen Arnott
            Creative director, Arnott Design in Cambridge
            Juliet Lennon
            Science & Technology Consultant in Cambridge

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