Past Vancouver Event: VOL 48

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            VOL 48

            March 21, 2019
            @ Vancouver Playhouse

            PECHAKUCHA NIGHT VOL.48 

            Lobby doors open at 6:30; show starts at 7:30.


            Caroline Boquist - Co-owner, Walrus

            Clinton Cuddington - Architect / Principal, Measured Architecture
            Jeff Cutler - Landscape Architect / Principal, Space2Place
            Michael Elkan - Photographer, Michael Elkan Photography
            Robert Jackson - Structural Engineer / Associate, Fast + Epp
            Denise Liu, Interior Design Director, Leckie Studio
            Alicia Medina | Mitchell Reardon - Housing Lead / Urban Design Lead, Happy City
            Andrew Pask - Executive Director - Vancouver Public Space Network
            Natalie Telewiak - Architect / Principal, MGA | Michael Green Architecture
            Seng Tsoi - Architect / Principal, Seng Tsoi Architect Inc.
            Leslie Van Duzer - Professor, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, UBC
            Nathan Wiens - Artist / Proprietor, Chapel Arts

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            Tackling Loneliness Through Design

            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            We're living closer together but feeling further apart. According to the former US Attorney General we're in the midst of a loneliness epidemic. How can we solve this? Happy City uses evidence-based urban design to boost social connection and create happier, healthier cities.

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            Life Between Umbrellas: Designing a Rain-Friendly City

            BY ANDREW PASK
            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Public spaces – the parks, plazas, and streets that comprise half of Vancouver’s land-base – are the connective tissue that ties the city together. Public space is a canvas for urban life – a stage for social and cultural activities, a marketplace of local economic activity, a forum for democratic engagement. And yet, for much of the year, our spaces are challenged by rain and inclement weather. With even heavier rains in the future, how can we ensure that Vancouver’s public spaces remain vibrant people places all year round?

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            Measured Architecture - Paths to Collaboration

            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Clinton Cuddington provides a cross-section of Measured Architecture's path towards a process that inverts the traditions of architectural practice.

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            A Career Path Through Architecture

            BY DENISE LIU
            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Denise Liu received her undergraduate and Masters degree in architecture from the University of Manitoba. She has developed a focus on residential, retail, and hospitality interiors.

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            The Only Certainty is Uncertainty

            BY JEFF CUTLER
            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Finding balance between the cities we build and the environment we need. 

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            The Nomadic Academic

            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Whether a landscape, a building, a practice or a person, Leslie Van Duzer’s projects always begin with a fascinating encounter. Hear those stories as you walk down the West Coast of Denmark, visit Loos’s Villa Müller in Prague and his interiors in Pilsen, witness artists Serra and LeWitt respond to Mies’s architecture in Germany, enter the world of Atelier Nishikata in Tokyo, meet Rudolf Arnheim in Michigan, and tour a Vancouver treasure, all in 6 minutes 40 seconds.

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            Visual Tectonics

            BY MICHAEL ELKAN
            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Photography and architecture are very closely related. It is through photographic images that architecture is widely seen, known and understood. Architects think in space-time dimensions but usually employ 2D media to develop their ideas. Architecture is truly experienced only in real space, time and scale. The photographer’s task is to reverse engineer that reality through acute observation and to construct a relatively small 2D image that begins to evoke the experience of being there.

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            Think Space

            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Architecture and mass timber developments. 

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            Art at Work

            BY NATHAN WIENS
            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            We delve into this creative, mad scientist's head as he walks us through some of his recent projects. What does the future look like for Chapel Arts... listen in and find out more about the talented Nathan Wiens.

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            Mass Timber: Changing the Way We Build Our Cities

            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Mass timber is really the newest way to build a building in over 100 years. Thanks to new manufacturing technologies, these massive blocks of wood are allowing engineers to push the limits of what timber can do as a structural material. I’ll be sharing my experiences of working and designing with timber, why I’m inspired by it, and how it’s changing the way we build our cities.

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            BY SENG TSOI
            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Looking back, it's easy to see a connective thread, the mix of efforts and experiences that have brought me here today. This presentation traces back through 20 years of creative work, conceived within the space of numerous disciplines, and made with a wide range of mediums. Each project, however different, all share a belief that even in unexpected places, with the most modest means, there is something special to be made.

            No presenters have been added to this event.


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