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            Jordan Voth

            Community Curator, Event Coordinator, DJ, Alternative & Holistic Healer in Winnipeg

            A Blooming Story

            PRESENTED ON FEB 20, 2019
            IN WINNIPEG @ VOL 37

            Jordan Voth picked up a few life lessons through his experience as a community organizer of multiple local arts and culture events in Winnipeg. In his 20x20 talk, Jordan elaborates on some of the things he's learned along the way using the metaphor of a flower and its lifespan.

            Jordan's talk was recorded live at PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 37, on February 20 2019, at the Park Theatre. 

            For more information on PKN Winnipeg, follow us on Twitter (@pkn_winnipeg), Instagram (@pkn_winnipeg), or Facebook ( PKN Winnipeg is presented by the Manitoba Chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada.

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            How to Draw a Straight Line

            BY DIANA PROBST
            @ VOL 5 ON JUN 07, 2016

            Diana Probst teaches you how to draw a straight line - and why to do it that way - in 1 easy step and 8 more difficult ones.

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            Urban story: My Student’s Life

            BY DIMA BELUHOV
            @ VOL 4 ON DEC 17, 2016

            Urban story: my student’s life

            Dmitry told about his urban experience and his life as a student in the big city. About problems and his discoveries trough his life as a student of local University . 

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            Keiki Club

            BY AVIVA ROWLEY
            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

            Aviva Rowley and friends founded Keiki Club - an open social community for friends and flora fanatics to come together and grow plants, share knowledge, and trade collections. Attend a Keiki Club meeting in NY or California - more info here.

            Aviva is a ceramicist / artist / florist from Brooklyn, New York.  She graduated from Cooper Union in 2011 with a BFA.  She has been finding nature in Brooklyn her whole life and stubbornly refuses to leave NY - thus forcing her to create an indoor jungle.  

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            The Mind, Behavior and Plant Based Eating

            @ VOL 43 ON MAY 09, 2017

            Noeleen Bridle believes plant based eating is the key to improving our health, happiness and overall appearance. Most importantly it is the link between food and behaviour that she would like to share with you. How can working with your thoughts and mind be the biggest tool in your life?

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            Mondrian's Flower Paintings, 1900-1925

            BY JOSEPH LONG
            IN BEXHILL-ON-SEA

            Joseph Long's presentation considers the duality of Mondrian's early flower painting and his more celebrated hard edged, abstract compositions.

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            Chicago Plant Rescue

            @ VOL 39 ON SEP 06, 2016

            Lindsey Telford and her organization Chicago Plant Rescue find new homes for greenery that's no longer wanted in commercial spaces. 

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            The Art of Active Working Metaphors

            @ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2018

            To FVCC theatre professor Rich Haptonstall, set design is an "active working metaphor": not only does it have to be comparable and representative of real life, but it has to be a living, moving artform. As the three stories in this presentation demostrate, knowing how to use visual cues such as shape, color, and texture allow Haptonstall to illusrate the essence of the play and the characters therin. 

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            The Plant World

            BY EGAN DAVIS
            @ VOL 2 ON OCT 24, 2018

            Eagan Davis shows us that the plant world is not always pretty. When life is challenging, plants resort to desperate measures such as parasitism and carnivory to survive. Eagan will fascinate you with some examples of these marvellous plant adaptations.  

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            Weed. Flower. Thistle

            BY MARK DEYOUNG
            @ VOL 8 ON APR 25, 2019

            Mark DeYoung showcases his incredible creativity by revealing though spoken word and photographs an installation about being present in the here and now. Motivated by becoming the most engaged and conscious version of himself, he presents an invitation for us to experience art. 


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