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            Nathan Wiens

            Artist & Proprietor, Chapel Arts Ltd. in Vancouver

            Art at Work

            PRESENTED ON MAR 21, 2019
            IN VANCOUVER @ VOL 48

            We delve into this creative, mad scientist's head as he walks us through some of his recent projects. What does the future look like for Chapel Arts... listen in and find out more about the talented Nathan Wiens.

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            Wood and Steel

            @ VOL 14 ON FEB 20, 2013

            Sjors van Buyten shows his passion for craft and design, from his beginnings working with metals in an automotive shop, to some of his recent designs. He works primarily with metals and wood, and also enjoys incorporating light in many of his installations.

            "Presentation of the Day" on April 24, 2013.

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            Heroes of Wood, Glass, Steel

            @ VOL 106 ON SEP 20, 2013

            Keiji Ashizawa is a metalworker with a lot of industrious friends. Keiji shows off some of his amazing work with steel and aluminum, as well as the lighting, wood, and glasswork of those who he works with. He also discusses the structures and furniture he built for those in the tsunami-affected area of Ishinomaki, Japan. (in Japanese)

            This presentation was part of the PechaKucha Global Night 2013, and follows the theme of "hidden heroes."

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            From Welding to Wood to Bronze

            BY RODNEY HILL
            @ VOL 1 ON NOV 25, 2014

            Rodney Hill, Architect and professor, discusses the results of many years of sculpting. From unintended opportunities that opened while covering design gaps in the architecture offices he worked for, he discovered a path that led from welding to wood to bronze as an avocation. He shared his large scale, very intricate wood carvings, some with erotic affordances requested by clients.

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            Wooden Accessories - Gleb Badanov

            BY GLEB BADANOV
            @ VOL 12 ON FEB 11, 2015

            Marisha Arutyunova talks about his work and career as a wood crafter. He speaks in detail about the design of his wooden Iphone case and other hand made wooden accessories. 

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            Authenticity, The Italian Artisan, and Wood

            BY KELLEN CATANI
            @ VOL 18 ON FEB 11, 2016

            Wood speaks for itself. The tree grows for years, learning about the Earth, becoming its own, developing character. Never perfect, but a unique form a life that always seems to mesmerize. Kellen Catani and his company Purebred Wood and Craft Co. cherishes this imperfection. When it is time for the tree to move on, they repurpose its life into functional and beautiful objects, fully embracing the culture of the Italian artisan as they labor. Purebred exposes the persona that resides in the tree and therefrom create their own expression of authenticity, always exemplifying a deep respect for this material that no man can truly comprehend.

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            @ VOL 2 ON APR 20, 2016

            Graeme talks about the history of rural spoon making in southern Japanee villages, Lise talks about the Djemaa El Fna square in Marrakech, and they relate these very different cultures to their own woodwork practices.

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            Did you say wabisabi???

            @ VOL 4 ON MAY 31, 2018

            Gregory Bozzetti presents about a tale blending the roots of Japanese tea ceremony and modern luthiery.

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            Foundry Wood and Community Engagement

            BY KRISTIE NAIMO
            @ VOL 1 ON NOV 30, 2018

            Kristie Naimo talks about the work of ARC CIC - Achieving Results in Communities Community Interest Company. One of ARC CIC’s first community projects is Foundry Wood a Community Woodland in Leamington Spa.

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            Working with Wood

            BY SARA TABBERT
            @ VOL 6 ON MAR 07, 2019

            Sara Tabbert is an artist from Fairbanks who works with wood in a number of different ways. She makes work out of compulsion, curiosity, and a deep love of process and materials.  


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