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            Laura Turon is a mixed media Border artist from El Paso, Texas whose work presents ephemeral art installations through processes that combine different light interpretations, mark making, repetition, design, and large-scale compositions. Laura is the founder and creator of Paradox Traveling Art, a mobile art installation gallery within a converted school bus, which creates and presents mobile art installations and murals. With a special focus on delivering art to communities that have limited or no access to art, and creating opportunities for artists to encourage and promote the creative arts. 


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            Arts Bus: On the Move

            @ VOL 16 ON MAY 25, 2013

            The Arts Bus: On the Move project travels around the city, encouraging participation in the arts among Hong Kong's youth.

            Tony Hung Fai Chan and Elaine Yee Ling Wong share some details of the project, including the yearly themes and designs, community concerts, and gallery exhibitions.

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            New Town Art Gallery

            BY ANNE KUSHNIK
            @ VOL 4 ON MAR 09, 2013

            Anne Kushnik, the gallery manager for New Town Art Gallery, talks about the hisotry, mission and artists of the gallery as well as their contributions to the local commuinty. 


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            The Changing Role of the University Art Gallery

            BY INDRA LACIS
            @ VOL 1 ON JUN 29, 2017

            Indra Lacis, Curator + Art Historian : Contemporary Art and Community - The Changing Role of University Art Gallery

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            OZ Arts

            BY RON YEARWOOD
            @ VOL 25 ON JUL 21, 2017

            Ron Yearwood shares what happens at OZ Arts in Nashville.

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            The Human Connection: the Heart of the Arts

            BY KAREN COKER
            @ VOL 10 ON MAR 27, 2017

            Art, music, and dance are common threads that are not restricted by race, age, or language. Join Karen Coker as she follows art through history and tells us about how it can bring pride and unity to communities. 

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            ARS Longa, Vita, Brevis - “Art is long, life is short"

            @ VOL 14 ON SEP 15, 2018

            ARS Longa, Vita, Brevis - “Art is long, life is short” - Anna Russo Sieber, Founder and Executive Director of Anna Russo-Sieber Gallery / ARS Gallery Arts & Culture Center has passionately dedicated her career to arts education for over 30 years. Throughout her career as an artist and teacher, she has exhibited her work at fairs, galleries, and art centers.  She has also developed several art programs at various institutions and has had the opportunity to work in museums, art centers, and schools with a focus on cultural arts and youth development.


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            The Paradox of the Paw Paw

            @ VOL 48 ON DEC 12, 2018

            Horticulture enthusiast Caroline Corboy introduces us to the Paw Paw.

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            The Portraiture Paradox

            BY BEN FRISCH
            @ VOL 2 ON APR 11, 2019

            Ben Frisch has been an artist since the age of 2. He sold his first drawing to a classmate in grade 6 and he was hooked. Art as a career can be a challenging path to take especially as a portrait artist and that pursuit dominated his 20’s. Although Ben had many ups and downs, that dream never came to fruition. His passion for portraiture was put on a shelf and now at 36, he has not made art for a long time. It’s sad to think that dream may have died but in hindsight, Ben now sees the paradox that plagued him. This is the story of Ben's career as a portrait artist and why he was doomed to fail.

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            Star City Studio

            BY DIEGO MUNIZ
            @ VOL 17 ON OCT 21, 2017

            Diego Muniz is active in the community - promoting local bands. Tonight Diego presents on his passion for Live studio music video recordings where Diego is connecting people through art & music at Star City Studio



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