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            Luke Lyons

            Lecturer, Texas A&M University in College Station

            Seeing the World in LEGO: Mixing Creativity, Art and STEM

            PRESENTED ON JUN 04, 2019
            IN BRYAN @ VOL 19

            What if the world was made of LEGO? In this talk, Luke Lyons shares how he sees the world as tiny plastic interlocking bricks.  Lyons, like many children, grew up playing with LEGO, but today he uses LEGO as an outlet for his creativity and artistic side.  He has created LEGO scale buildings of old high schools, university buildings, train stations and designed his own museum specifically for the purpose of displaying a LEGO Tyrannosaurus rex. He discusses how LEGO promotes creativity in STEM education, while still accessing the arts.

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            Stem Cell Art

            @ VOL 14 ON MAR 27, 2012

            Irwin Adam is a chemical engineer, but all of his friends are designers. After a crazy journey through Siberia, he moved to Toronto from Montreal. Inspired by his designer friends, he's turning 2D stem cells into microscopic 3D art.

            "Presentation of the Day" on July 27, 2013.

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            Generating STEAM

            BY BART TAYLOR
            @ VOL 1 ON NOV 25, 2014

            Bart Taylor is a robotics and technology high school teacher in Bryan College Station Texas. He discusses the importance of adding an "A" to "Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math" (STEM) to generate  STEAM: "Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Math."

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            Inspiring Creativity through LEGO

            BY EDWIN KNIGHT
            @ VOL 8 ON FEB 28, 2015

            Edwin Knight introduces KLUG - Kansai Lego User Group - which aims to inspire creativity one block at a time, organising charitable event along the way.

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            How Lego Taught Me to PLAY

            BY JAMES "JP" POULTER
            @ VOL 11 ON JUN 16, 2016

            In How Lego taught me to PLAY JP (or James Poulter if you like it formal), Head of Social for LEGO's digital kids communities, addresses how the modern world has sucked the play and fun out of everyday life - especially for adults! Has social media has turned us all in spectators rather than participants?

            In 6.40 minutes JP shares some ideas for how we can bring the fun back into life, even if it is through the use of modern technology (JP's personal favourite is Snapchat!).

            Listen in for the end when JP recites to us a brand new poem, featuring Snapchat!

            This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 12th, 2017.  

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            Stem to Steam

            BY KAI KAONI
            @ VOL 4 ON MAR 02, 2017

            From the perspective of an artist, engineer and educator, Kai Kaoniexplores the importance of art in innovation curriculum.  Using his own photography and paintings as a backdrop, he describes how the new STEAM education initiative could create the next generation of great American thinkers.

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            The Art of Biology

            BY MEHDI DOUMI
            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

            Mehdi Doumi is from Algeria and England, studied biomedical engineering, and is a technical leader in Research and Innovation at L’Oreal USA - researching human perception of cosmetic products.  He has been part of NPO Ligo Project, promoting science in U.S. culture through humor and videography.  He also enjoys carpentry, improv, and drawing satirical cartoons.  Over the last 4 years he has committed himself to creating abstract artwork to any K-12 educator across the USA.  He hopes that each art piece stimulates student curiosity about math and science topics, especially in a challenging teaching environment.

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            Beyond Thin Mints: Girl Scouting & STEM

            @ VOL 22 ON APR 13, 2017

            When you think about Girl Scouts, you probably don't think about Juliette Gordon Low, the hard-of-hearing inventor that helped bring scouting to the United States. You're probably thinking about cookies. Cookies are a Girl Scout's first introduction to entrepreneurship. Allison Martinson introduces them to engineering. At Girl Scouts of Wisconsin - Badgerland, Girl Scouts are learning to use their dreams and ideas to make, build, design, create, dissect, and analyze. Badgerland's program introduces girls to code, robotics, entomology, and rocketry, connects girls to inspiring adult volunteers, and encourages girls to use STEM to make the world a better place.

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            Steamed Up over STEM

            BY JOHN DEBACHER
            @ VOL 22 ON APR 13, 2017

            What's all the fuss and focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in our schools? It's spread beyond earlier efforts to proactively help our young women not feel stigmatized if they enjoy an equation or two, and now threatens to spread a cumulonimbus over our educational system. Where are the Arts in all this? Not even chopped liver -- that might qualify as culinary science. I believe that, when you get beyond all the flash of STEM's appeal, it's components can, upon reflection, be seen as progeny of the Arts. The necessary components of abstraction, classification and description rely on humankind's unique language abilities, as do the symbols in formulas and theorems. Science could not have developed without the fundamental dance of discourse and recorded evidence that developed from the advancement of oral storytelling into poetry to literature...and of course, how could we survive any of this without humor?

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            STEMing For Youth

            BY MARTIN LANDA
            @ VOL 10 ON JUN 04, 2018

            On May 1, the STEMing for Youth project team spent the school day at Cabrillo High School giving the students the opportunity to understand the real world application of STEM concepts from working professionals. Utilizing a variety of career professionals to make presentations and participate in Q&As, the project team spent time in during the day in classrooms Interested students, not just those that had classroom sessions with the projected, were invited and attended an afterschool STEM Career mixer. The project team were able to hold small group discussions with the students about business and career opportunities. The mixer enabled the students to ask questions directly to the professionals about education, career paths and workforce opportunities with STEM careers.


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