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            Melizarani T. Selva

            in Petaling Jaya

            Walls and Spoken Word Poetry

            PRESENTED ON AUG 16, 2018
            IN PETALING JAYA @ VOL 6

            Melizarani T. Selva is a spoken word poet, showrunner, educator and co-curator of George Town Literary Festival 2018. To date, she has performed in six countries and represented Malaysia at the prestigious Commonwealth People's Forum in London and the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival. Her notable performances include, TEDxGateway in Mumbai and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. Her first book titled ‘Taboo’ made Top 10 Best-Seller List on Malaysia’s No.1 Online Bookstore (MPH). To date, her poems have been translated in French by Éditions Jentayu and in Bahasa Malaysia by Malaysia’s National Institute of Language and Literature. Presently, she runs Kuala Lumpur's monthly poetry open mic, ’If Walls Could Talk’, a bilingual poetry slam,‘Slamokrasi’ and teaches performance poetry at international and national schools. This presentation is about Walls, also a monthly spoken word poetry event.

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            Spreading Spoken Word

            @ VOL 4 ON FEB 22, 2014

            Farah Chamma and MC Yazen, an Abu Dhabi-based Syrian rapper and producer, focus on spreading spoken word in unexpected places around the world. Being part of the spoken word scene in the United Arab Emirates, they are now trying to explore new scenes and collaborate with new artists to promote Arabic spoken word, be it through poetry or rap. 

            Morocco will be their first destination. They will be organizing poetry events and workshops in different cities including Casablanca, Fez, and Rabat, and collaborating with different artists including Mohammed Hamza Hachlaf. 


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            HOWL, Poetry, Politics and Protest

            BY ALEX LEVENE
            @ VOL 2 ON JUN 05, 2014

            Alex Levene spits out impassioned spoken word in support of poetry, politics and protest.

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            World of Poetry

            BY HALA ABDULLAH
            @ VOL 3 ON NOV 29, 2015

            Hala Abduallah; A spoken word poet.

            She Talks about her experience in writing and poetry.

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            OE Inspires Poetry

            BY RANDI JANELLE
            @ VOL 11 ON MAY 20, 2016

            The Overseas Experience might be familiar as "the gap year" or "taking a year to travel." But when the year becomes longer, the decision to stay or leave a country and redefine home can be an unforseen challenge. Poet and photographer, Randi Janelle, explains her struggles with this challenge from her time in New Zealand.

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            Word of Art

            @ VOL 3 ON DEC 08, 2016

            Elizabeth Hellstern explores forms of art that go beyond the visual.  She developed and deployed 'tele-poem' booths which provide a haptic engagement for people to interface with poetry using old rotary phones.

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            Broms the Poet

            BY JEFF BROMLEY
            @ VOL 29 ON FEB 23, 2017

            There are no words to describe this, just listen to Jeff Bromley and enjoy the journey.  

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            COMING TO THE MIC: The Transformative Power of Youth Spoken Word Poetry in Baton Rouge

            BY DONNEY ROSE
            @ VOL 6 ON OCT 27, 2017

            As a veteran poet/teaching artist and marketing director with Forward Arts Inc., Donney Rose has dedicated an exorbitant amount of time working to help give young people in Baton Rouge a platform for their voices and ideas to be celebrated, but mostly to be valued.

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            You, The Audience

            @ VOL 7 ON JAN 26, 2018

            Hear spoken word artist, Chancelier "Xero" Skidmore, outline why audience members are THE finest human beings on Earth.
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            Knoxville Poetry Slam (Abridged)

            @ VOL 28 ON AUG 16, 2018

            Growing up in Knoxville, TN as a teenage poet, Jonathan Clark, also known as “Courageous,” shares his personal experience and fondest memories of the Knoxville Poetry Slam; a community built by the love of words and the competition that has kept it together through this 25th year of consistency.

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