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            Uncompromised Life
            New York in New York
            Uncompromised Life
            New York in New York

            PAST VOL 14

            Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
            Aug 27, 2015

            PAST VOL 25

            Paris @ CARREAU DU TEMPLE,
            Jun 06, 2015

            PAST VOL 6

            Solo (Surakarta) @ PASAR CANGWIT
            Feb 24, 2016

            PAST VOL 22

            Adelaide @ Nexus Arts
            Aug 18, 2016

            PAST VOL 17

            Durban @ Ambassador House
            Nov 23, 2016

            PAST VOL 1

            Santander @ Cafe Opera
            Apr 27, 2017

            PAST VOL 28

            Fresno @ Fulton 55
            Sep 27, 2017

            PAST VOL 30

            Guangzhou @ 广州IFC [M空间]
            Aug 28, 2017

            PAST VOL 11

            St Joseph @ Box Factory for the Arts
            Dec 07, 2017

            PAST VOL 35

            Denver @ Stanley Marketplace
            Mar 02, 2019

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            An Artist's Life

            @ VOL 10 ON AUG 01, 2013

            Daniel Salamanca shares his obsession in a way that reveals the essence of his artistic work. His presentation makes it clear that being an artist requires discipline that pervades every aspect of the artist's life. (In Spanish)

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            Christchurch as an Artist's Canvas

            BY CLAIRE BAKER
            @ VOL 23 ON MAY 04, 2015

            Manager of CoCA, Center for Contemporary Arts in Chirstchurch New Zealand, Claire Baker shares her insights on how all good decisions are informed decisions based on history.

            Contemporary art is no different.

            CoCA is no different.

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            An Artist's Encounter with Lacquer

            @ VOL 4 ON SEP 15, 2016

            Lacquer is an ancient art that is the subject of Marie-Do Hyman-Boneu's presentation. She is a French artist who has been working with vegetal lacquer since 2001, when she travelled overland from Europe to Hanoi in Vietnam. What exactly is lacquer and how does she use it in her personal creative process? Marie Do shares her practice with us in ‘An artist's encounter with lacquer.’

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            BY MARK WHITE
            @ VOL 15 ON NOV 19, 2016

            Mark White, a jovial Canadian living in Kobe, talks about a share house project he is building and constantly tinkering on, called The House. Welcoming guests from all around the world and sharing experiences with them are his prime motivations through this project.

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            The Artist's Dilemma

            BY KEVIN ROMEO
            @ VOL 2 ON OCT 26, 2017

            Kevin Romeo gives a narrative built around the life of Johnny Cash with an underlying theme of artistic showmanship and autheticity. 

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            An Artist's Quest : Magic, Mapping and UFO's

            @ VOL 4 ON APR 26, 2018

            Visual artist Nayda Collazo-Llorens gives us a glimpse into her work and interests in pseudoscience and the paranormal.

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            Art as An Experience

            BY JESSICA NUNNO
            @ VOL 7 ON AUG 30, 2018

            Jessica Nunno is a local freelance illustrator and teacher. This is her second time presenting for PechaKucha, the first time she prepared a speech about Huntsville STEAM Works. Now, she will be talking about her passion: art.

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            An Artist's Evolution

            @ VOL 3 ON SEP 26, 2018

            From impressionistic to realism, Chris Lehwalder's art transforms our world. Mostly oil on canvas with scrimshaw as well.

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            Hokkaido forests from an artist's perspective

            BY ELEN AVERIS
            @ VOL 3 ON OCT 12, 2018

            Elen describes her experience of discovering Hokkaidos forest and the art work inspired by it.

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            Evolution of a Life of Art

            BY STEPHEN ROCK
            @ VOL 16 ON JAN 18, 2019

            Artist Stephen Rock takes an evolving look at how to “Get Your S*%t together” at Gallery One in Ellensburg, WA. Over a lifelong journey, he takes us from early works done under his art teacher father to installation pieces, public sculpture projects and innovative large format inkjet prints. Each period of exploration contributes to his current mixed process digital print works. He lives in Seattle, WA and is represented by the Seattle Art Museum Gallery.

            Large wide ferrol anton varela

            A Life as a Luthier

            Let Anton Varela guide through "A Life as a Luthier," a presentation given at last July's PechaKucha Night in Ferrol Vol. 2. The presentation is in Galician, but the images alone do tell a great tale.

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            Water for Life

            We're going to end this week's postings on the blog with two new presentations on the site, both recorded at PechaKucha Night in London Vol. 4. First up is Simon Taylor and his presentation that covers the exhibition he designed for the "Water for Life" project, in the building you see pictured in the above photo.

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            Houdini's Charmed Life

            Charles Greene III?speaks on the most famous magician of all time: Harry Houdini. He goes into depth on Houdini's life, illusions, accomplishments, and the escape art that catipulted him to worldwide fame. In "Houdini's Charmed Life" from PKN Bemidji Vol. 19, Charles shows us how -- like Harry Houdini -- we may escape from life's restraints and confined spaces, and become true escapologists.

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            Life on the Pole

            "If it involves hanging upside down while trying to make my body imitate a pretzel, I'm into it." Darci Thabes?loves the acrobatic sport of pole dancing. In "Life on the Pole" from PKN Bemidji Vol. 19, Darci talkes about what the life of a recreational pole dancer is like, and?we find that even those who have been practicing pole for years are still learning new moves.?

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            Fire & Sky & Life

            “At the end of their lives, these stars celebrated their achievements by hurling life-giving elements into space, in a gently expanding display of intense, nebula beauty.” Retired Professor of Astronomy from the University of Hawaii Gareth Wynn-Williams speaks about the stars and the universe. In “Fire & Sky & Life” from PKN Honolulu Vol. 22, Gareth shows us what 34 years of fantastic astronomy lectures results in.

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            When Life Gives You Lemons

            “Even if the lemons are really big, and really sour…” Nadine Boesten?tells the inspiring story of how epileptic stress-induced seizures have affected her life in both negative and positive manners. In "When Life Gives You Lemons" from PKN Maastricht Vol. 26, she shows us how to turn a journey of despair into hope; 'how to turn lemons into lemonade.'?

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            Life Design Challenge

            "Designers are the magicians who give the first speck of magical dust and bring any idea to life."In Life Design Challenge from Bandar Seri Begawan, Vol. 3,?Syen Abu Bakar's current project involves a hundred logos and the population of Brunei. In an attempt to show the relationship between designer and company, and the influence design has in life, Syen has created a competition where one hundred logos will be compiled into a book called?Brunei 100 Logo Design. With a few personal thoughts about what being a designer is, he quetsions the designer status in Brunei.Enjoy!

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            The Best Things in Life are Cheap!

            "Our mission is to dispel this myth that Tokyo is this crazy expensive place."?In The Best Things in Life are Cheap! from Tokyo Vol 125,?tech entrepreneur?Chris Kirkland shares how from humble beginnings,?his?website, Tokyo Cheapo, a travel and culture guide dedicated to life in Japan on a budget, has grown to a monthly readership over 150,000. From getting to and fro, to staying in rock-bottom-priced accommodation, even to finding love, Tokyo Cheapo covers it all on life in Tokyo on the cheap!Enjoy!

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            Different Rhythm of Life

            "With a global trend towards simple life style, there is an undeniable need to just slow down and rethink our priorities and regain our connection with nature." In?Different Rhythm of Life?from?PKN Tokyo?Vol. 135, entrepreneur?Asako Hibi?shares about?Tabica, a collaborative consumption service that enables farmers and artisans in rural areas of Japan to connect with those looking for off-the-guidebook experiences. Tabica advocates simple, sustainable lifestyle and wants to support the repopulation and development of local communities throughout Japan.

            Large wide full carl 20tokyo 20pechakucha 20final 2011.6.008

            A Life in the Making

            Carl Bass?began building, making from a very young age with erector sets. This snowballed as he grew.?He later moved on to making things out of wood. Now he's devoted to making tools that help people to develop creations of their own. In A Life in the Making from Tokyo Vol. 108, he explains all. ?