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            Svensk Form Channel

            Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) is a not-for-profit membership association mandated by the Swedish government to promote Swedish design at home and abroad.

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            ArchiAid Channel

            ArchiAid was formed soon after the devastating events of 3/11 in Japan. Many of Japan's leading architects joined forces with students of architecture to help design and rebuild some of the hardest hit coastal areas.

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            Tokyo Design Week Channel

            PechaKucha Nights at Tokyo Design Week are where audiences can catch presentations by some of the brightest and most interesting design talent in Japan (with a few welcome guests from abroad). Each year's event fills up the TDW venue where it is held, with upwards of 700 to 1000 in attendance.

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            Exhibition "Design Ah!" Channel

            PechaKucha teamed up with 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT as part of the "Design Ah!" exhibition to produce two special events on March 23rd. One for kids, where they made and presented their 20x20s in an open workshop. The other for 'grown-ups' was part of Roppongi Art Night, and featured an inspiring lineup of design talent.

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            Architecture for Humanity Channel

            Architecture for Humanity is a 501(c)3 non-profit, that has been building a better future through the power of design for the past 15 years. We provide architecture, planning and project management services including construction management and post-occupancy analysis, and facilitate community engagement throughout each project. At the core of our mission, we believe everyone deserves access to the benefits of good design.

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            Autodesk Channel

            Autodesk is changing the way the world is designed and made. Everyone—from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges. Autodesk's partnership with PechaKucha includes a presence at design weeks and festivals around the world through special PechaKucha Night events

            Ynnovable Design
            Editora de Dise?o in Valparaiso
            HUNK Design
            Architects & Artists in Rotterdam
   Design Office
            Multidisciplinary Design Office in Izmir
            TR Design
            in Des Moines
            Titoma Design
            Engineering service in New Taipei
            Kensington Design
            Interior Designer in London
            Mammothic Design
            Digital Marketing, Mammothic Design in NYC
            imin design
            ?arówka mleczna in Kraków

            PAST VOL 10

            Paris @ Cité des sciences et de l'industrie
            Oct 22, 2009

            PAST VOL 3

            Concepción @ Universidad Santo Tomas
            Jul 15, 2010

            PAST VOL 5

            Tehran @ Farabi Hall - Tehran University of Art
            Feb 26, 2013

            PAST VOL 6

            Tehran @ Farabi Hall - Tehran University of Art
            Mar 02, 2013

            PAST VOL 7

            Tehran @ Farabi Hall - Tehran University of Art
            Mar 03, 2013

            PAST VOL 13

            Salt Lake City @ The Fallout
            Oct 13, 2014

            PAST VOL 64

            Seattle @ Bellevue Arts Museum
            May 28, 2015

            PAST VOL 16

            Salt Lake City @ Addictive Behavior Motorworks
            Oct 16, 2015

            PAST VOL 21

            Bilbao @ Azkuna Zentroa
            Nov 24, 2015

            PAST VOL 31

            Yerevan @ Mirzoyan Library (???????? ????????)
            Jun 29, 2019

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            Crescere Con L’Architettura

            @ VOL 9 ON JUN 05, 2014

            Nowadays it is interesting to reflect about the importance of the manual skill in the architectural practice. It is a needed task and a challenge to tackle: it deals with the future of architecture, with his civic role and with the possibility that technical knowledges could be still transmitted and spread in useful ways for our time. Showing you the Swiss program held by i2a “Crescere con  l’architettura” it is a way to purpose you a talk about the effectiveness of a learning and working model which embeds the practical and manual behaviours. “Crescere con l’architettura” wants to show the potential of a learning model which shares the learning by doing principle: a learning method which shows the emerging
            need of a practical volountee especially in the architectural subject, in order to reconsider the original role of our subject, so far from reality and real objects.

            Letizia Carini, 27 years old from Milano. Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy Design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2013. She is really interested in educational and pedagogical studies related to architecture. Her Master Thesis is about the relation between knowledge and doing where she investigates the importance of practice, manual skills and technical knowledge in architecture.

            Silvia Ducart, from Cordoba (Argentina). Graduated in architecture at the FAU UNC of Cordoba, she moved to Switzerland in 1992. She worked as architect, graphic designer and illustrator and she also took part to research project about space, the importance of playing in childhood and handicap deseases. In 2001 she started working as an independent architect and collaborating with other studios in Ticino and in Zurich. In 2011 she started her experience with “Crescere con
            l’architettura”, giving to the project a big contribute.

            Neostudio Associated Architects is a studio active from more than 10 years, nationally recognized;
            Neostudio is a reality that deals with urban projects, with several awards and some built works;
            Neostudio is a team active in field of interior design & temporary, with residential, commercial and temporary exhibitions works;
            Neostudio is a laboratory in which the profession and research aspects converge in a multidisciplinary structure.

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            Avant Garnish: Designing a Cookbook with my Sister

            @ VOL 3 ON NOV 12, 2015

            “Instead of taking inspiration from the cookbook layout we actually took inspiration from things like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue”

            In Avant Garnish: Designing a Cookbook with my Sister from PechaKucha Night St. Joseph’s 3rd Volume, Material Designer Rebecca Goesling discusses the makings of her collaborative new cookbook. Rebecca and her sister Sarah grew up surrounded in creativity, so it's no wonder they set off together to design a cookbook that has eye candy for both foodies and fashion designers.

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            An Open Source Life

            BY ROMKE DE HAAN
            @ VOL 7 ON DEC 04, 2015

            Romke de Haan is a graduate of the program called homeboyz, a non-profit that takes kids in gangs and teaches them technology. Romke will walk you though his journey and his pursuit of happiness. 


            Participate in Romke's life; he'd be happy to get coffee/lunch/cocktails with you. You can add his calendar by searching [email protected] on iCal, Google Calendar, 

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            Putin op paard

            BY VINCENT QUAK
            @ VOL 15 ON OCT 06, 2015

            Fotograaf en grafisch ontwerper Vincent Quak onderzocht het Internet op verhalen en interpretaties over de foto ‘Putin op paard’. In een 832 pagina’s tellend boek doet hij verslag.

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            A Journey in Hats

            @ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

            New York based and originally from Papua New Guinea, Eleanor O'Connell has been working within the Theatre, Performance Art, Film, Fashion and Design industry as a Costumier, Costume Designer, Wardrobe Manager, Milliner and Artist from London to Melbourne and now New York. Listen to her journey here!

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            If The Box Fits

            @ VOL 7 ON SEP 27, 2016

            Bedfordshire-based Illustrator, Georgina Westley tells us how I became the "lady that does those travel posters" by developing a unique style that creates beautiful artwork of places that people call their happy place.

            This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 16th, 2017. 

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            Auf der Suche nach dem Sch?nen, Wahren und Guten

            BY MARTIN ITEN
            @ VOL 11 ON NOV 17, 2016

            Martin Iten ist Grafiker. Er und ein südtiroler Freund, ebenfalls Grafiker, fanden die digitale Welt ein wenig "öd". Sie wollten gerne einmal wieder etwas richtig Analoges machen, mit Papier, Druck, Fühlen und Riechen... Das Ergebnis: "Melchior". Ein Magazin mit christlichem Hintergrund, das die großen existenziellen Fragen des Lebens behandelt und noch dazu wunderbar gestaltet und illustriert ist. 


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            BY RAAFIA JESSA
            @ VOL 15 ON JUN 09, 2017

            "There are forty-five symbols which are made... to combine four different ways of speaking into one. No matter which language you should be able to read them."

            In "Loqui" from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 15, Artist and graphic designer, Raafia Jessa, talks about Loqui (pronounced Lowki), a fictitious language she created which was inspired by the phonetic qualities of language - the sounds we make when speaking aloud. 

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            Paper Cuts & Cyanotypes

            BY EMMA CARLOW
            @ VOL 29 ON FEB 28, 2018

            From a pair of retro Danish curtains to a wooden ark, designer Emma Carlow shares her inspiration and love of using cyanotypes for her homeware collections.

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            Show Us Your Doodles

            BY MIKE KLOK
            @ VOL 4 ON APR 26, 2018

            Mike Klok dives into the head and history of a creative human, determined to find a home for his imagination. 

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            Computer Graphic Character Design

            In "Computer Graphic Character Design," a group of students (Reibe Studios) from computer science and fine arts departments share with us the methodologies they apply to the creation of characters in computer graphic design, and how they produced two short films. The presentation was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Catania Vol. 11, and is in Italian.

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            Joshua Davis and the Heineken Future Bottle Remix Competition

            There's only a month left to enter Heineken's Future Bottle Design Challenge -- which you'll recall PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham is judging -- and this weekend (on Saturday, 11am EST to be exact), graphic designer Joshua Davis (who is also judging) will be giving a live workshop, helping young designers come up with proper briefs for the competition. You can watch here live on Saturday.

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            Ian Lynam

            Over the coming week we'll be highlighting presenters for next week's Vol. 103, and we start with an old friend of PechaKucha. Ian Lynam is a Tokyo-based graphic designer who has contributed lots to PK over the years, including the "Inspire Japan" graphics we used to promote our fundraiser following the events of 3/11. He'll be updating us on his latest work and activities.東京を拠点に活動されているグラフィックデザイナーのIan Lynamさんが5月29日のPechaKucha Night 東京103に登場いたします。最近のプロジェクトについてのプレゼンテーションをお楽しみに!

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            Anselm Dastner

            Since our Vol. 104 is just over a week away (on Wednesday, June 26), it's time to start highlight the presenter lineup. First up is graphic design Anselm Dastner, who has been living and working in NYC for over 20 years, before recently making the move to Tokyo.グラフィックデザイナーとしてニューヨークで活動されてきたAnselm D?stnerさんがPechaKucha Night 東京104(6月26日、水曜日)にて作品を発表してくださいます。

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            Causes and Effects

            In today's "Presentation of the Day" -- "Causes and Effects" -- designer?Robert L. Peters?uses various examples of design used to pass on a message or critique a particular world problem, using it as a call to arms, inviting everyone to choose their cause and do something about it. It was recorded at PKN Winnipeg Vol. 7.

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            Design Diversity - Powered by PechaKucha

            ? We hope that you were able to make it out to PechaKucha Night Cleveland - Volume 21, which took place last Friday evening at the citadel of free speech, The City Club of Cleveland. It was a yet another truly magical evening here in Cleveland listening to amazing, creative and inspiring stories. As many have noticed, space was fairly limited at about 450 people, and we needed to distribute tickets via our Facebook page(still FREE:) to make sure we did not take the venue beyond their capacity. If you were not able to make it out, have no fear, we video taped the entire evening and are planning on posting those presentations as soon as we can process them. A special thanks goes out to Dan Moulthrop, Carrie Miller and everyone at The City Club of Cleveland for making that such an amazing partnership and evening. We are looking forward to partnering with them on many events in the future. Also, if you did not have a chance to make it out, or you did and just can't get enough inspiration, you have another opportunity TONIGHT to be inspired. The event titled "DesignDiversity - Powered by PechaKucha" takes place at Take 5 in downtown Cleveland. The event doors open with a Happy Hour from 7-8pm and the presentations will start at 8pm. The presenter list is pretty amazing and features 5 African American creative professions and will be emcee'd by Jennifer Coleman. Presenters include: Terran Washington Designer, Little Jacket Michele Crawford Intern Architect, Robert P. Madison International Jason Russell City Planner, City of Lakewood Diane Davis-Sikora Associate Professor, Kent State University College of Architecture & Environmental Design Arlene Watson Principal and Creative Director, M?bius Grey LLC Event Details: We hope you can make it out to the first "Powered by PechaKucha" event in downtown Cleveland. We are going to be working hard throughout 2014 to not only bring you GREAT PechaKucha Night events, but we are going to be aggressively working with various organizations to fill the calendar with Powered by PechaKucha opportunities in between. What is "Powered by PechaKucha" you ask? Powered X PKN events are one-off events that are separate from regular city-based PechaKucha Nights, but still utilize the 20 images x 20 seconds format. The events will be completely organized by other organizations and oftentimes have very different focuses, but PKNCLE is going to do what it can to support each event it can to help everyone tell their creative stories. If you are interested in hosting a "Powered by PechaKucha" event, please email us at [email protected] and we will definitely reach out to talk about the process. Cheers to an amazing, inspiring and creativity filled 2014! -PKN Cleveland Creative Team Michael Christoff Raseem Parker Aseem Garg Emily Bacha Trent Boerner Heather Lenz David Purpera

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            PechaKuchaNight Kyiv - Design in your city

            On 26?February?in Kiev will host?one of the biggest events in the PechaKucha?format! 12+ stories from creative people who are close to the ?Design in your city??theme. Among the storytellers?there are?architects and?designers of all kinds: object?designers, interior designers, graphic designers, landscape architects, experts in the field of dynamic architecture, and also illustrators, journalists, copywritiers, musicians and other creative people. We're going to hear and see stories about design, about communication, about the harmonization of the environment, about green roofs, the revolutionary parametric design tools, the human language in the urban environment, about?the principles of formation in everything, about the redesign of the city through crowdsourcing, about design-education and "samizdat" (self-published books). Poster by Olga Protasova

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            Tick-tock Graphic Design

            "His often illegible, unreadable spreads taught my generation to break all the rules."In "Tick-tock Graphic Design" from?PechaKucha Night York's?Vol. 9?event, “Inspired: What Makes York’s Creative Minds Tick”,?Tony Beresford?chronologically charts the things that have inspired him and the project he has cut his teeth on as a graphic designer as he has grown over time, starting with toxic crayons, to comic books, to album covers, to magazines and beyond.?

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            PechaKucha Vientiane Vol. 2 Poster

            Unveiling our poster for PechaKucha Night Vientiane Vol. 2! Designed by the ever-so-talented Vilakone Phanchanthavong who just so happens to have spoken at our Vol. 1 event! Kop chai lai lai, Kone! We love that this poster captures a few particularly iconic snippets of Vientiane: the crazy mess of electrical wires winding their way across the city, chirpy birds, and the wobbly blow-up man so often seen waving at passing cars on roadsides! We hope you like it as much as we do! ? ?


            PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 15

            Ticket Link: HERE Join us for an evening of fun, fast and inspiring talks from a host of Manchester's most vibrant creative minds, who will each be taking on the PechaKucha challenge: 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, no stopping. This time we're at Ziferblat on 24 November 2016. ? Tickets are £6 for early bird and £7 for standard (booking fee applies). ? It's bring-you-own-booze this time round. ?If you don't bring anything you can still rely on the range of Ziferblat hospitality: cake and other snacks, hot and cold drinks: all covered in the tiket price! ?Line-up Kladi from Studio Print My Soul. Organisers of Cities of Hope Jay Taylor - Lapsed musician jumping between various music related things Chris Roberts and Rob Evans - With Love Project Sneaky Raccoon - Graphic artist and designer Christina Ward - The Monthly Gift Campaign Manchester - providing sanitary products to the homeless and those in need Nick Entwistle - One Minute Briefs Craig Oldham - Designer and Creative Consultant Ben Davies- Ziferblat Manchester See you there! PKN MCR


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