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            Exhibition "Design Ah!" Channel

            PechaKucha teamed up with 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT as part of the "Design Ah!" exhibition to produce two special events on March 23rd. One for kids, where they made and presented their 20x20s in an open workshop. The other for 'grown-ups' was part of Roppongi Art Night, and featured an inspiring lineup of design talent.

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            New Town Art Gallery
            in Williamsburg, Virginia
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            PAST Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing

            Chicago @ Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago
            Aug 16, 2012

            PAST VOL 6

            Williamsburg @ Williamsburg Community Building
            Sep 21, 2013

            PAST VOL 8

            Chichester @ Pallant House Gallery
            Jul 11, 2013

            PAST VOL 30

            Toronto @ NXNE Art Lounge
            Jun 20, 2014

            PAST VOL 18

            Aalborg @ Art & Technology Aalborg University
            Oct 07, 2014

            PAST VOL 4

            Sein?joki @ Amfora Gallery
            Sep 03, 2014

            PAST Japanese Art or Art in Japan?

            Powered by PechaKucha @ SuperDeluxe
            Feb 19, 2015

            PAST VOL 4

            Lienz @ Tamerburg
            Aug 12, 2015

            PAST VOL 14

            Memphis, TN @ Crosstown Arts
            Feb 25, 2016

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            Inspirational Coincidences

            BY RACHEL MASON
            @ VOL 2 ON OCT 16, 2014

            Rachel Mason talks, sings, and strums about the place where art and life, or fiction and reality meet... While doing research for a musical performance and rock opera to get inside the mind of a child killer from the 1930's, she made contact with a man who killed and dismembered a boy in Borough Park. The experience profoundly effected her, and inspired her to write an opera incidentally about a coincidence - two men with the same name Hamilton Fish, died a day apart and their deaths were announced on a single front page. One man was a child-killing sadist, the other a politician from a distinguished political family.

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            Don't Quit Your Daydream

            @ VOL 3 ON FEB 20, 2015

            Bethany Robertson is an amazing Brooklyn-based artist who gives her work away FOR FREE in a traveling suitcase to thousands of people whereever she goes. She tells the stories and impacts of her illustrations, Loveless Designs, through her many instagram followers. 

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            Words about Swords

            BY GABRIEL LEBEC
            @ VOL 5 ON SEP 14, 2015

            Gabriel Lebec is a total nerd about swords. In this PK presentation, learn a little bit about how traditional swords are made!

            Gabe earned a B.A. in Mathematics & Studio Art from Georgetown University, studied prehealth at New York University, and spent years in biomedical research. He now teaches software development at Fullstack Academy. He loves anything combining aesthetics & technics: typography, photography, Japanese swords, etc.

            Visit for more!

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            The Trail to Walter

            BY MEL LANGTON
            @ VOL 3 ON OCT 07, 2015

            Lincoln Barons' Charter Trail was part of the 800th year Magna Carta Celebrations and artist Mel Langton takes us through a fun behind the scenes of her work on Sir Walter Style (aka William Malet a feudal baron from Somerset). 

            All 25 barons lined the streets of Lincoln during the summer and were later auctioned raising almost £170,000 in one night. Lincolnites will miss them but the funds raised contributed to fight hunger and poverty in the UK. Well done barons! 

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            The De-Institution: Or. How to Make A Contemporary Arts Space with no Capital, Networks or Cred

            BY DANA MCKNIGHT
            @ VOL 17 ON SEP 15, 2016

            "Number 1. Be an ornery artist. You're mad. You went to art school. You go to shows in basements and living rooms. You are the poster child of the scurvy-laced bohemia. Your parents can't pay your rent."

            In The De-Institution: Or. How to Make A Contemporary Arts Space with no Capital, Networks or Cred from PechaKucha Buffalo vol. 17, artist and founder of Dreamland Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY, Dana Mcknight, illustrates twenty steps to carving out a cutting-edge, artist-run space outside of the dominant, institutional realm. Mcknight cautions, "To be an institution is to own-- ­­­to place value on possession rather than action. To fixate on conservative contentment rather than Hope and Possibility. Artist-led spaces fizzle out all the time. Let us not leave behind the phoenix eggs to merely touch a tusk in the Elephant graveyard." 

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            Learning and Exploring New Cultures

            BY FIONA BRICE
            @ VOL 8 ON JAN 31, 2017

            Arts and creativity consultant, Fiona Brice talks about her experience of working and living in Singapore five years with her family and how it changed their perceptions and understanding of culture.

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            The Art of Biology

            BY MEHDI DOUMI
            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

            Mehdi Doumi is from Algeria and England, studied biomedical engineering, and is a technical leader in Research and Innovation at L’Oreal USA - researching human perception of cosmetic products.  He has been part of NPO Ligo Project, promoting science in U.S. culture through humor and videography.  He also enjoys carpentry, improv, and drawing satirical cartoons.  Over the last 4 years he has committed himself to creating abstract artwork to any K-12 educator across the USA.  He hopes that each art piece stimulates student curiosity about math and science topics, especially in a challenging teaching environment.

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            Dance is the BEST

            BY ERIK THURMOND
            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

            Eric Thurmond is often asked what it means to be a which he wonders if people understand what dance actually is. At PechaKucha Night NYC, he explains the four elements of dance, with some live demonstrations! 

            Erik is a performer from Snellville, Georgia. He has danced all over the world and shown his work in Atlanta, New Orleans, Birmingham, Houston, Detroit and New York City. His work centers around ideas of obsession, control and desire.

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            Buffalo Entertainment District Project, 1977-78

            BY FRANK PALEN, ESQ., AICP
            @ VOL 18 ON SEP 24, 2016

            “Think of me as a time traveler. I’m going to take you back to a place called Buffalo in the 1970s.”

            In Buffalo Entertainment District Project, 1977-78 from PechaKucha Buffalo Vol. 18, attorney and urban renewal advocate, Frank Palen, recalls the creation of a historic district for theatre and culture from a once abandoned rust belt urban core. From 1977 to 1979, Palen was Research Associate in the Center for Community Research and Development at the University at Buffalo’s School of Architecture and Environmental Design, serving as Coordinator of the Buffalo Entertainment District Project. The University at Buffalo’s graduate studio investigated the potential of promoting a theater district in what was then an increasingly abandoned section of Downtown, despite various setbacks and a challenging political climate. The result was a very high-profile effort that set an agenda for the redevelopment of Buffalo that continues today.

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            Art of the Reef

            BY MICHAEL POPE
            @ VOL 19 ON SEP 20, 2018

            The marine world has served as a source of inspiration, a destination and even material debris from which to create art. Join Michael as he explores some of the big names as well as local ones whose work reflects the reef and the ocean around us.

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            Giant Model Building, the Love of Japanese Gardens, and Photos from Beirut

            Presentations Yusuke Iguchi?shares (in Japanese/English, from PKN Tokyo Vol. 97) his latest project, BABEL, the biggest model he has ever produced. He is also trying to raise money for his next project -- you'll find more info on his website. Jenny Schroder loves Japanese gardens, and she wants the world to know more about Japanese gardens. In her presentation (from PKN Tokyo Vol. 97), she explains how Japanese gardens can teach the attentive observer a great deal about Japan and Japanese design, from design concepts and careful material selection to Japanese history, culture and religion. Learn more on Jenny's website. Posters We've added a poster for the upcoming PKN Manizales Vol. 3 to the Tumblr blog, but today's highlighted poster is for Sunday's first PKN in Riyadh -- you'll find the list of presenters on the event page.? Photos Today we have an event report to share for the recent PKN San Antonio Vol. 8 -- which includes a few photos as well -- and the two photo galleries you see listed below. The photos above are from?PKN Beirut Vol. 15, held earlier this month.PKN Beirut Vol. 15 [Facebook]PKN Springfield, MO Vol. 8 [Flickr]Calendar Here's what you can expect from PKNs this weekend. Tonight (November 30), we start with?PKN Bangor?Vol. 6,?PKN Ferrol?Vol. 8,?PKN Nagoya?Vol. 13, and?PKN Tampa Bay?Vol. 12.?On Saturday it's Miami's 20th, and then on Sunday you'll find PKN Ashland Vol. 3, PKN Riyadh Vol. 1, and PKN Tel Aviv Vol. 14.


            PechaKucha Night Pontevedra vol.4 (presenters)

            This are the presenters in the next Pecha Kucha Pontevedra vol.4.? It is going to have place in Portal 48, espacio para la creación, 1. Portal 48 (creation space) ? 2. Juanma Lodo (street photography) 3. Soul Gang (Fashion design) 4. De Botero a Bo Derek (art) 5. Cosmogonia (magic gifts) 6. Lara Abeledo (photography) 7. InterArtyve Books (digital editorial) 8. La Platanera (work space) The Poster have been designed by LAZO? You can follow us in Facebook and send your projects to [email protected]

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            PechaKucha Night Pontevedra vol.5 (presenters)

            This are the presenters in the next Pecha Kucha Pontevedra vol.5.? It is going to have place in Portal 48, espacio para la creación, ? 1-Bolboretas de papel-artesania2-Correveydile-organización de eventos 3-Seara Records-plataforma de difusión cultural4-Freshysweet-agencia junior de publicidad5-Noemí Días Pati?o- Circulo Polar6-Paulova- artista7-Flying rats-skateboarding crew8-Chás-fotografía



            PK 2 - Chupacabra! Check out Glen Vigus's interview in the Eagle! We had an amazing evening and met lots of new friends. Suresh Pillai, Professor of Microbiology, talked about using electrons to help clean, heal, feed and shape the world. Artist Karen Hillier showed work from her series “Unforgotten,” involving artifacts from the daily ablutions of her grandparents. Richard Lester brought a horde of young entrepreneurs who all joined in to share news from the Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship, where he serves as Executive Director. Russell Reid, architect and artist, reflected on the process of artmaking from analog to digital and back. Technologist Benedict Nguyen shared the amazing world of 3D scanning and printing. Amateur photographer Glen Vigus led us through the history of photography, and inspired us with 32 years of love and pride in his work, earning his title of amateur. Thanks to Jennifer and Ruthie for organizing and leading the evening! We’ll be back in the summer, and hope you’ll nominate yourself or someone else for next time!

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            PechaKucha Night Townsville Volume 9, REEF

            Millions of tourists visit the reef each year to experience this complex paradise, teeming with life above and below the water - we got to experience a rich part of our landscape, the inspiration, challenges, blemishes and tenacity that our reef holds for all of us.? A big thank you to all of our champions of the reef! Come and join us for VOL. 10 on December 3 for some more about the reef, love, design and other things... "In the Great Barrier Reef, corals set the patterns of life from end to end," says Charlie Veron ? ?

            Large wide high scribe sticker book 01

            Penticton Vol. 2

            Penticton's second Pecha Kucha night was a great success! ?We had a great turn out which, for a small city, attests to the appeal of the Pecha Kucha format. The presentations covered a diverse range of subjects by some really amazing people. ?Austin Hawkins spoke of his personal journey and vision as an architect in a way that made you see what his heart truly desires from his own practice. ?Michele Johnson shared the conception and successful launch of the language revitalization school for the Indigenous Okanagan People. ?Peter Wolf gave an emotive and insightful journey of his meditative growth over 1 year constructing a house designed by Landform Architects. ?Mimi Moylan spoke of her extensive art work that includes a strong yoga practice and important community engagemnt. ?Emily Elizabeth shared beautiful images that inspired the guests and explained some of the creative process involved in making her amazing beautiful jewelry pieces. ? To wrap it up Vince Freeborn celebrated the first year anniversary of his email journal The High Scribe. ?As always, Vince made the crowd laugh and the High Scribe experience was made complete with a sticker book of his 20 x 20 Pecha Kucha slides! ?It was a brilliant idea and had our guests greedily grabbing and trading stickers to be the first to fill up their books! ? Unfortunately I did not record the presentations correctly so once I reformat them I will post them for you to watch. We have already filled up the next roster for the January 2016 Pecha Kucha night! ?That is how inspiring these nights are! ? Check out Vince Freeborn's sticker book here. ?If you like his drawings and want to see more go to and get subbed up! ?In my opinion it is one of the best newsletters out there.

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            PechaKucha Night - SLC March 18th!

            PechaKucha Night SLC and Women in Architecture are bringing together a great presenter line-up. Come experience it March 18th! View this email in your browser It's time to get your tickets! For the 3rd straight year, the Women in Architecture group has persuaded fantastic presenters to take the stage and share with us their best 20x20 PechaKucha presentations. Get a load of this group!Amanda Bordeloin?- civil engineerAngela Dean?- architectWomen of Design Build BluffVirginia Pearce?- Utah film commissionerLauren Barros?- family rights attorneyCurtis Miller?- mathematician/student/wage gap researcherJen Plumb?- emergency room physicianMaria Vyas?- transportation plannerSofia Gorder?- dancer/educator/creatorPat Bagley?- editorial cartoonistEsther Gubbay?- architecture studentLuisa Whittaker-Brooks?- chemistWhere: The State Room (638 South State Street)When: Friday, March 18th Doors open @ 7pm Presenters start @ 8pm-10:30pmTickets $15 advance - $20 at the door

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            PKN 3 in Vientiane!

            Well, we smashed our attendance record at?PechaKucha Night Vientiane Vol. 3?with over 160 people (and one very cute pooch!) joining us at?O'Grady's Irish Pub and Restaurant?last night! Thanks for the wicked turn-out Vientiane! The event brought together 10 of the Capital's creative, innovative and talented minds:?Fanglao Dance Company?director and dancer Ounla Pha Oudom (Kaka), artist Jihyun Lim, writer and co-creator of Ban Apinihan Mair Hyman, third-culture kid and PK organiser Nami Ishihara, filmmaker and ballet dancer Mattie Do, participant-observer Ruth Foster, Bill Pennington from the development sector, anthropological archaeologist and Lucha Libre enthusiast Flavio Silva, co-founder of?Lanith: Lao National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality?and local rockstar Maeve O’Brien, and?CSArchitectes' Somphonsack 'Toun' Phayouphorn, to share their ideas with the community.?Presentations spanned childhood memories, art and architchture portfolios, the history behind Lucha Libre, elephant foot yam farming in Burma, ballet vs horror films, and a personal tour of the statues of Vientiane.? Special thank yous to O'Grady's for letting us take over their bar for the night,?TOH LAO Coworking Space & Services, and our Vol. 3 poster designer Nilada Ratanavong of?Maison Matilda Café & Living. Here's some snaps from last night, taken by PKNV co-organiser Kate Antonas. More photos on our Facebook.? Vol. 3 speakers?Back L-R: Flavio Silva, co-organiser Sabine Scharfe, Bill Pennington, Maeve O'Brien.?Front: Ji Hyun Lim, Nami Ishihara, Mattie Do, Ruth Foster, Mair Hyman.?Missing: Ounla Pha Oudom and Somphonsack 'Toun' Phayouphorn?

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            PKN 4 in Vientiane!

            Vientiane's fourth PechaKucha Night took place on September 15, 2016, with a packed house of OVER 200 people at?TimeLine Cafe! This well and truly exceeded our past attendance record - we are overwhelmed with gratitude to our always awesome audiences for their support!? The event brought together 10 of the Capital's creative, innovative and talented minds: claymation artist Souliya Phoumivong of?Clay House studio, tea sommelier Anna Maria of?Kinnari - Tea of Laos, lacquer artist Marie Do Hyman-Boneu of?MDO Art Studio?and?Lacquer Vientiane Laos, writer and?Eat Drink Laos?blogger Lilani Gonnesena, disability and rehabilitation sector worker Bernard Franck, theatre director Thiane Khamvongsa of A Midmonsoon Night's Dream, artist Bruno le Matelot, teacher Teresa Foard, renewable enery and acroyoga enthusiast Ga Rick Lee, and Emily Koo of?Vientiane Green Drinks. Presentations spanned the tea-scapes of Laos, powerful female figures, exploring the stories of persons living with impairment, a life in the theatre, a family's extrodinary battle with a terminal cancer diagnosis, stories from the Mekong riverside, and digging deeper into the oft-asked question "Where are you from?". Many thanks to?TimeLine Cafe?for hosting us,?TOH LAO Coworking Space & Services?for technical support, and designer Manilla Chounlamountri for our totally awesome Vol. 4 poster! Photos by Kate Antonas and where noted,?My Vientiane.? Photo by?My Vientiane Photo by?My Vientiane Some of the?PechaKucha Vientiane?Vol. 4 speakers (L-R): Bernard Franck, Emily Koo, Ga Rick Lee, Teresa Foard, Thiane Khamvongsa, Souliya Phoumivong, organiser Kate Antonas, organiser Nami Ishihara, Anna Maria and organiser Catherine O'Brien.?Photo by?My Vientiane.