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            Bruno Jost
            in Nantes
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            PAST VOL 5

            Lake Ridge @ Tall Oaks Community Center
            Feb 12, 2011

            PAST VOL 6

            Lake Ridge @ Occoquan Town Hall
            Jun 18, 2011

            PAST VOL 7

            Moncton @ Centre Culturel Aberdeen
            Oct 04, 2012

            PAST VOL 1

            Hj?rring @ University College Nordjylland
            Sep 22, 2012

            PAST VOL 13

            Sunshine Coast @ The J
            May 31, 2013

            PAST VOL 13

            Richmond, BC @ Richmond Nature Park
            Feb 11, 2016

            PAST VOL 3

            Le Blanc @ Moulin de la Filature
            May 25, 2017

            PAST VOL 3

            Sapporo @ MEET Space
            Oct 12, 2018

            PAST Tees Nature Conference,Powered by PechaKucha

            Powered by PechaKucha @ The Curve
            Jun 28, 2019

            PAST VOL 5

            Le Blanc @ église Saint Denis
            May 26, 2019

            Thumb 15 lebec

            Words about Swords

            BY GABRIEL LEBEC
            @ VOL 5 ON SEP 14, 2015

            Gabriel Lebec is a total nerd about swords. In this PK presentation, learn a little bit about how traditional swords are made!

            Gabe earned a B.A. in Mathematics & Studio Art from Georgetown University, studied prehealth at New York University, and spent years in biomedical research. He now teaches software development at Fullstack Academy. He loves anything combining aesthetics & technics: typography, photography, Japanese swords, etc.

            Visit for more!

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            My Life with Herbs

            IN LINCOLN, UK

            Hannah Sylvester, one of the 40 medical qualified herbalists in the country, tells us all about her life with herbs in a nourishing and organic presentation. She reflects on the importance of listening and observing nature to flourish with it. After all there's no better design than nature itself.

            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food." ― Hippocrates


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            Message in a Bottle

            @ VOL 8 ON MAR 04, 2016

            George Boorujy was born and bred in New Providence New Jersey, and now lives in Brooklyn, along with almost everyone else. He is represented by P.P.O.W. gallery in New York, and teaches at the School of Visual Arts. 

            Check out George's project, New York Pelagic, here!

            Read about the bottle that washed up on a beach in France here!

            Thumb pechakucha 20ccs 20.029

            La Casa Bistró

            @ VOL 2 ON APR 28, 2016

            Francisco Abenante

            Cocinero Venezolano/Tenedor de Oro 2009/Premio Armando Scannone 2016

            Nos cuenta que La Casa Bistró es un sitio donde se armoniza la sencillez de la cocina de oficio con ingredientes cercanos a la vida.

            Esta filosofía nos permite ofrecer experiencias que evocan la calidez del hogar convirtiendo nuestra casa, en un espacio idóneo para compartir una comida rica y saludable, sin sacrificar el gusto de nuestra sazón.


            Thumb budin pechakuchany16 16

            The Future of Flooding

            BY SAMUEL BUDIN
            @ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

            Samuel Lang Budin is a social documentary photographer living in Brooklyn and working primarily in the depressive realist mode. He makes 35mm and medium format slide shows about climate change anxiety, aging and death, naked people in their own homes, the personal discomforts of travel, and the encroaching sea. Just you wait!

            Thumb image 3 there will be unicorn blood

            Spirit Fairies and Fish Skins

            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

            When a psychic tells you to take a trip to Scotland do you go? Design Principal Brynne Rinderknecht did! Find out what happens in her presentation from PK NY Vol 17..

            Brynne Rinderknecht of From the Inside creates residential, commercial and hospitality interiors with a focus on connecting spirits to surroundings. Originally from ST. Louis and a graduate of SAIC in Chicago, Brynne has made New York City home: collaborating with people to make functional and sustainable concepts—conscious.

            Thumb japan   the temporal craftsmen keynote09.011

            Japan and the Temporal Craftsmen

            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

            Nicholas Coffee takes us through history of temporal craftsmen with examples of temples and shrines across Japan. His study was made possible by the Georgia Trust Foundation.

            Nicholas is a LEED AP Architectural Designer at FXFOWLE working on a range of projects in NYC from urban design to interior design. Previously he worked at Bjarke Ingels Group on a variety of projects including the Hot to Cold exhibition and publication. He holds a Masters of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelors of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder (his hometown.)

            Thumb pecha kucha march2017.009

            The Art of Biology

            BY MEHDI DOUMI
            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

            Mehdi Doumi is from Algeria and England, studied biomedical engineering, and is a technical leader in Research and Innovation at L’Oreal USA - researching human perception of cosmetic products.  He has been part of NPO Ligo Project, promoting science in U.S. culture through humor and videography.  He also enjoys carpentry, improv, and drawing satirical cartoons.  Over the last 4 years he has committed himself to creating abstract artwork to any K-12 educator across the USA.  He hopes that each art piece stimulates student curiosity about math and science topics, especially in a challenging teaching environment.

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            From Barrel to Bottle

            BY WILL DRUCKER
            @ VOL 17 ON MAR 09, 2017

            Will Drucker is a sustainability practitioner and whiskey lover. At PechaKucha Night NYC, Will takes us through the history and process of whiskey making - from the tree to the bottle!

            Will is devoted to building businesses that support the circular economy. Will hails from the cities and farms of the Midwest. College took him to Vermont where he studied neuroscience and deepened his love for the natural world. Will can't resist music, birds, biking, good food and adventure.

            Thumb full slide17 20copy

            Theatre Spaces

            BY WALTER HALL
            @ VOL 7 ON JUN 15, 2017

            "I wanted to see what the already existed in the world as non-traditional but permanent performance space as inspiration for alternative space where drama can exist."

            In Theatre Spaces from PeckaKucha Night Bexhill-on-Sea Vol. 7, Walter Hall shares his passion for performance, examining a plethora of theatre spaces throughout history and across the globe. He explains the evolution of theatre venues from the ancient Greeks to modern day Macau and how performance space can affect the plays occurring in them. 

            This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 20th, 2017. 

            Large wide nate williams

            Nate Williams

            PechaKucha Night in Buenos Aires Vol. 13 was held last night -- here's the poster we featured a while back -- and while we haven't gotten any photos or reports yet, we thought we'd share this great illustration from presenter Nate Williams (aka Alexander Blue) -- make sure to visit his website for more examples of his "sketchy" style.

            Large wide tokyo 90 presenter kristina

            The Rhythms of the Natural World

            How in tune are we with the rhythms that surround us? In "The Rhythms of the Natural World," Kristina Dryza reveals how we can become more alive by recognizing the rhythms that govern our lives. It was recorded at PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 90.

            Large wide derby5pkngarden

            My Back Garden

            In this fantastic kids presentation from PKN Derby Vol. 5, Jasmine talks about the beautiful?nature surrounding her home. She tells us stories of hunting in the woods for ladybird beetles on warm spring days, and gives us a short history of the Derby locale.

            Large wide sfright

            Stage Fright–"It's Natural"

            ? ? Some say the 'fear of speaking' is a worse fate than fear of death itself...when it comes to people and facing their fears. Neuroscience is nowing suggesting, what many have already speculated, that stage fright is a natural process of the human psychosymatic process. By becoming conscious to this fact, you can overcome it and be that engaging and inspiring storyteller! Instead of me going on with my's a great story that is shared in an engaging and brilliant way:

            Large wide neatbugsss

            The Impossibility of Nature

            What comes of a synthesis of plastic into our natural world at the microscopic level? The repetitive use of natural detritus brings?Shona Wilson?closer to understanding the world we share. The materials that make up her work are storehouses of knowledge and information. They act as 'keys', unlocking doors to memory, science, history and imagination. In "The Impossibility of Nature" at PKN Forster Vol. 2 her current work increasingly responds to and reflects upon the cross-pollinations between nature, humans and culture, referencing in particular, plastics' invasion into the 'natural' world.?

            Large wide ecoself

            Ecological Sculpture: Patterns in Nature

            Is there a place within us that remembers that we are nature? Kimberly Callas?is an artist who presents on her current project 'Portrait of the Ecological Self': an artistic investigation that uses sculpted forms of the human body in combination with natural materials to explore images and symbols from nature that?strongly connect with the human psyche. In "Ecological Sculpture: Patterns in Nature" from PKN Midcoast, Maine Vol. 21 we learn that her work has recently received a Puffin Foundation Grant and has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, and as far a field as Bulgaria.?

            Large wide garden

            Heaven is a Garden

            “We all know that being out in nature enhances our well-being. How many can afford to do so on a routine basis?” Jan Johnsen tells us all about her love for beautiful gardens. In “Heaven is a Garden” from PKN Garrison, Vol. 7 she states that being in nature enhances our well-being, and encourages everyone to transform their yards into places of serenity. Jan emphasises the importance of finding one’s niche within these delightful, natural spaces.?

            Large wide

            Nature of the Onega peninsula has amazing energy...

            “Nature of the Onega peninsula has amazing energy. You want to stay alone with youself here…”The national park "Onega Pomorie" took part in the international event "Pecha-Kucha Nights". It was organised in Malina cafe, Severodvinsk. Angela Zabaldina, a staff of the national park, presented one of the most large-scale photoprojects with sperical panoramas of the Onega Peninsula. “Our virtual phototour is your private guide. It can tell a lot about these magic places”. More than 15 thousand shots were made for creation of spherical panoramas. For that photographer Ilya Barmin covered 240 km on foot. It took two weeks. You can make a virtual journey on the national park website". Now there are nearly 250 panoramas, all of them have text descriptions.“The virtual tour is a good beginning to know the Onega peninsula better. The next step is an actual trip”.Angela also spoke about day-to-day activities of the national park, touristic routes. She answered the questions about volunteering, possibilities to visit the national park, how many tourists it has every year.

            Large wide 27848822 10160049835855594 651606897 n

            Invitation to Islamabad - Volume 2

            This PechaKucha Islamabad Night, fasten your seat belts for an exciting ride across the mounts and vales that make Pakistan! Our speakers know that how you travel matters as much as where you travel: Guliafshan Tariq will speak of her journey across KP on a motorbike! Moin Khan decided to hop on a bike for his adventure while Ally Sher Khan is the jeep enthusiast! Wajahat Malik and Nazia Akram will take us on a journey across several regions of Pakistan through their breathtaking photography and narratives to match! Khalid Malik will scan the golden sands near Derawar Fort, Mubeen Ali & co presenter Mustafa Gauhar will take us on a walk through the palaces and forts in the same area; Faizan Ahmed will explore our better known and lesser known heritage sites. Mobeen Ansari, photographer par excellence, will focus on the diverse beauty of the land and its people. Sabeen Sadozai’s story is about how she gave back to the land through the cleanup drive at K2 Base Camp! Travel to the mountains is all about good preparation and our speaker Saad Munawar has written a book to help you do just that! Adil Riaz will take you through Pakistan's lakes and rivers with his presentation! Saad Munawar will open for us vistas of the more pristine parts of our north. We wish you a safe landing and hope you enjoy the sights and stories that we have put together for you! For details click here:? ?


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