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            PAST VOL 13

            Columbus @ 400 West Rich Street in Franklinton
            May 13, 2010

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            Gallery Pepper

            BY MARLOUS TODE
            @ VOL 5 ON FEB 28, 2013

            Marlous Tode runt een online gallery voor handgemaakt drukwerk. Ze vertelt hoe haar passie voor zeefdrukken leidde tot het verkopen van werk van andere kunstenaars.

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            Experiments, Restrictions, and Happy Mistakes

            @ VOL 6 ON OCT 19, 2015

            Martin Justesen loves triangles! He currently designs labels for Evil Twin Brewing, as well as many other clients. Hear his story about making and embracing mistakes, moving around the world, and loving beer!

            Martin is a graphic designer born in Denmark, currently living in New York. He studied Graphic Design at London School of Communication before working in Publishing/Advertising for 10 years in Copenhagen. Martin now designs and art directs for magazines, campaigns and visual identities for sport/fitness, transport, business and fashion clients. He founded design studio Martin Justesen | New York in 2014.

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            Screen Print, Sequential Art, and Illustration

            BY CHRIS BUTZER
            @ VOL 29 ON FEB 17, 2017

            C.M.Butzer is a cartoonist, illustrator, and printmaker who lives and works in Hilo, Hawaii. His work spans many genres and media from the anthropomorphic absurd silkscreen prints and comics  to heavily researched historical illustrations and graphic novels. Almost all of these projects begin and end with ample application of ink. Butzer is currently working on a graphic novel about the 1964 civil rights act and his ongoing comic series of punk rock cats “KITTENS”

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            BY ZUZANA GIBB
            @ VOL 7 ON NOV 22, 2018

            After 15 years in Scotland, designer, artist and printmaker Zuzana Gibb shares her creative journey from wallpaper to workshops.


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