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            Abi Stevens

            Illustrator, Freelance in Cambridge United Kingdom

            I am a digital illustrator focusing on book cover and editorial work. My work covers topics such as mythology, history, travel and more recently; personal experience, as I have been creating work expressing my experience with chronic migraines. Visually I am inspired by historical art forms such as stained glass windows, architectural details and illuminated manuscripts, taking elements from these sources and incorporate them into my modern digital style.

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            Pain and Inspiration

            BY ABI STEVENS
            @ VOL 18 ON JAN 16, 2019

            Abi Stevens is a freelance illustrator who also suffers from chronic migraines that affect all of her senses. She talks about the influences for her stunning art work and also about a series of very personal illustrations depicting the pain of her migraines.  

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            PAST VOL 18

            Cambridge @ CUC Wine Bar
            Jan 16, 2019


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