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            Andrew Pask

            Executive Director, Vancouver Public Space Network in Vancouver Canada

            Andrew Pask is ED of the Vancouver Public Space Network. Founded in 2006, the VPSN works on placemaking, advocacy and research relating to the city's public realm — mixing more conventional forms of change-making with creative interventions in city space. Andrew was trained as an anthropologist and city planner, studying in Holland and Canada. He has worked with municipalities and non-profit organizations across the country. During the daytime, Andrew works as planner with the City of Vancouver.

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            Life Between Umbrellas: Designing a Rain-Friendly City

            BY ANDREW PASK
            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Public spaces – the parks, plazas, and streets that comprise half of Vancouver’s land-base – are the connective tissue that ties the city together. Public space is a canvas for urban life – a stage for social and cultural activities, a marketplace of local economic activity, a forum for democratic engagement. And yet, for much of the year, our spaces are challenged by rain and inclement weather. With even heavier rains in the future, how can we ensure that Vancouver’s public spaces remain vibrant people places all year round?


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