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            Robert Jackson

            Associate, Fast + Epp in Vancouver Canada

            Robert Jackson is a structural engineer at Fast + Epp in Vancouver. He has contributed to the success of several mass timber projects across Canada, including the 18-storey TallWood House at UBC. He is the recent recipient of a professional award from the Institution of Structural Engineers in London which is an internationally recognized mark of achievement in structural engineering, known to showcase diverse and skilled individuals under 30 years old who are driving the profession forward.

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            Mass Timber: Changing the Way We Build Our Cities

            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Mass timber is really the newest way to build a building in over 100 years. Thanks to new manufacturing technologies, these massive blocks of wood are allowing engineers to push the limits of what timber can do as a structural material. I’ll be sharing my experiences of working and designing with timber, why I’m inspired by it, and how it’s changing the way we build our cities.


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