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            Seng Tsoi

            Architect, Seng Tsoi Architect Inc. in Vancouver Canada

            Seng founded STA in 2016, a design office based in Vancouver. The practice, unified by a commitment to creating meaningful work, has leveraged the most modest projects to become realizations of unseen value.

            Seng's work has spanned across multiple design disciplines including architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. With abounding curiosity, he brings an open-minded approach to the practice of design.

            Seng holds degrees in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

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            BY SENG TSOI
            @ VOL 48 ON MAR 21, 2019

            Looking back, it's easy to see a connective thread, the mix of efforts and experiences that have brought me here today. This presentation traces back through 20 years of creative work, conceived within the space of numerous disciplines, and made with a wide range of mediums. Each project, however different, all share a belief that even in unexpected places, with the most modest means, there is something special to be made.


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